Parenting Teenagers: Ages 15 - 18 years

Applying for University

UCAS is the organisation responsible for managing applications to full-time undergraduate courses in the UK. The UCAS application is a big step into the unknown for many young people, and it can seem like a daunting prospect for you as parents too, as you try to guide your son or daughter through th

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Confidence Issues

There are four main areas that make major contributions to how confident your teenager is. This article discusses those areas and how you can help build confidence.

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Coping with Acne

Acne can be an awful infliction for teenagers. Aside from the general spots and pimples it can lead to low self-esteem and a loss of confidence. This articles offers help for coping with the problem.

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Finding a University

Choosing a university is one of the first major decisions our children make. With around twenty percent of students dropping out it is important to get the decision right. This article gives a number of tips for key points to consider.

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Learning to Drive

This article gives details on how our children can learn to drive and what is required to pass their test.

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No Communication

Raising children can be hard work. But if you thought the terrible twos were hard work then wait until you have a child suffering from grunting teenager syndrome. Just having a civilised conversation can be such hard work. Here are our top 10 tips for talking to teenagers.

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Noisy Teenagers

Do you have noisy teenagers? This article gives you tips and ideas for how to reduce noise coming from a room, giving you relief from musical instruments, TVs and loud music etc.

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Poor School Results

When a child does not get the A level results they were expecting it may mean the loss of a job opportunity or missing a place at university. If your child receives disappointing A level grades then this article may help decide what is the best way forward for them.

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Nobody wants their children to start smoking. Once they start it is very difficult to get them to stop. If you have a child who smokes or would like some advice on how to reduce the chances of them ever starting then try our out Top 10 Tips to Stop Children Smoking.

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Staying Out Late

Staying out late is a potential battlefield between parents and children. Here are ten tips to help you and your children to reach a sensible compromise that works for everyone.

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