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Sometimes it can seem like opportunities and activities for teenagers are few and far between compared to the various clubs and activities for younger children. If your teenager shows any musical aptitude though there are opportunities springing up round the country that give older children the chance to learn instruments and play pop and rock songs in a band environment. Most of these courses work towards an end of term performance to friends and family on stage and maybe even under lights.

Age Ranges

A typical course will accept children between the ages of ten and eighteen. This can vary though and in some instances children need to be over twelve to get started.

Ability Level

To join these courses it is advisable that children have at least some level of proficiency with their instrument. It is possible that the organisations providing the band sessions will also offer more standard lessons. If your child is new to their instrument then I would suggest that they take these more standard lessons before they join in with the band sessions. If the try the band sessions too early it is possible their confidence will be dented as they struggle to keep up with more experienced children. This could lead them to giving up on the instrument before getting started.

Term and Session Duration

Terms tend to follow the normal academic term times. Therefore they can have an autumn, winter and summer terms. Half term breaks are the norm too. These allow the sessions to fit in with school terms so that if you are away over a half term break your child will not miss any important sessions. Session times can vary, but are usually an hour or an hour and a half in length. For more advanced children there may be longer, two hour sessions available. Sessions tend to take place early evening.

Session and Course Structure

A set of songs to be played throughout the course are selected by the course tutors. These songs are usually ones they believe everyone will enjoy playing, yet offer some form of musical challenge to the pupils. Beginners groups will be assigned more straightforward songs, while more advanced groups will be given harder songs to learn and play.

The way the course tends to be structured is that children are first placed in groups based on the instrument they play. In these groups they will be shown how to play the songs. Once the songs have been mastered they are then placed into bands so that each one has a singer, drummer, bass player and one or two guitarists. These groups then rehearse the songs working as a unit.

This also helps the pupils to understand their own role in the group and to appreciate the role each member of the group has to play.


Normally all you will be expected to supply is your own guitar and if you are a drummer some drumsticks. Amplifiers and microphones are supplied.


Cost varies based on the length of the course and also the part of the country you are based in. Example prices range from £100 to £240 for a ten week course.

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