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Drama Lessons

Drama groups or workshops can provide children with a great deal of fun and enjoyment. As well as being ideal for outgoing children who are more natural performers drama can also help children who are less confident to find a creative outlet for their talents.

There are lots of drama groups dotted around the country and you should be able to find one to suit the needs of your own child. Some groups offer more structured drama while others place the emphasis more on children enjoying themselves and incorporate a range of games and roll playing into their syllabus.

At what age can a child join?
Children of just about any age are usually accepted into drama groups. Many take children from the age of four upwards and split children into age related groups.

What is a good class size
One thing to watch out for is class size. To get the most out of drama lessons I would suggest that class sizes should not go much over fifteen unless there is more than one teacher per group.

When do lessons take place?
Drama lessons usually take place after school. Sessions are often held in school halls, with many schools offering their own lessons. Holiday workshops are also popular with many drama companies running either day long or week long courses for children.

What about performances?
If your child likes the idea of performing then make sure the drama group you choose does put on shows. You will find many drama groups run their shows in smaller, but impressive theatres giving children the opportunity to perform on a real stage, under lights.

Is it expensive?
The costs tend to vary from group to group. One of the plus points of drama is that apart from weekly or term payments there are not usually many extra costs involved. Some groups will insist on your child wearing one of their tee shirts, but apart from that there is little additional equipment you need to buy.

Can my child get any qualifications?
As well as having fun you child may be able to take exams and gain extra qualifications as they progress in the world of drama. Many drama groups offer Trinity Exams to their students. This may involve working as an individual or in small groups in front of an external examiner.

How do I select a drama group?
There does not appear to be a set way of selecting a drama group. You can check to see if the drama teacher responsible for your child has qualifications. Again qualifications from Trinity College appear to carry some weight in the industry. The important point is to make sure your child feels comfortable with the drama group you choose. Most groups will allow a child to come and join in for one or two sessions before having to make a firm, longer term commitment.

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