Tippitoes High Chair - Product Review

Baby High Chair

From taking out of the box I had assembled this high chair within 5 minutes. It is easy to put together and first impressions are that it is light and well made.

This high-chair is light, folds away very flat and is functional. The legs are made of a light tubular metal and this allows it to fold up neatly, the legs are also easy to take apart if you wished to dis-assemble the chair for packing in the car.

The back part of the seat is well padded but the bottom seems quite thin, however the users of this chair will invariably be wearing a little extra padding in the bottom area. The tray has an inner section that is easy to remove and therefore easy to clean. The seat cover is not however so easy to remove and clean, my experience shows that however hard you try and wipe the chair clean after feeding little bits of food will always find it's way into the seat surround and onto the straps. The harness is easily removed for cleaning.

The chair feels sturdy when opened out and would not tip over easily although you are advised not to leave children un-attended in the chair. The foot rest is adjustable to make it more comfortable for your baby as they grow.

I can only recommend this chair as it is functional, feels well made and is so cheap it is an absolute bargain. I have found it online for as little as £29.99.

Visit the tippitoes website at: Tippitoes

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