Tyrannosaurus Drip Book Review

This is the first Julia Donaldson book I have read for my children and we all thoroughly enjoy it.

My experience of children's books has been that repetitive rhyming stories are always very popular. It helps to develop a rhythm when reading and my little boy seems to really enjoy this.

This book tells the tale of a baby vegetarian dinosaur who accidentally ends up in the nest of the mighty meat-eating T-Rex. The weedy vegetarian suffers name calling and general teasing from his T-rex siblings before he saves his real family from the jaws of the adopted hungry T-Rex family. The story is excellently written and is wonderfully illustrated, the illustrations very cleverly depict an atmosphere you could imagine in the time of the dinosaurs. My one criticism is that the text is hard to read on some of the pages because of the colour of the background, this is particularly noticeable when reading at night in a dimly lit room.

The story has all the perfect ingredients for a children's book, the nice family, the bad family, the small bullied child who then turns out to be the hero of the day showing that good always triumphs over bad.

My little boy (3 and a half) loves this book and says his favourite bit is when the 'T' Rexs are washed away at the end.

Parenting.co.uk recommends this book.

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