Star Charts - Product Review

The star chart is not a new concept but from my previous experience it has been a sheet of A3 stuck to the wall and a few pen marks for stars. To get the most from using a Star Chart I would suggest you read this comprehensive article on Reward Chart Technique at The Naughty Seat.

Star Chart These giant star charts are supplied with sticky pads for the walls, a dry wipe pen, category stickers and 200+ reward stickers.

The good thing about these charts is the dry wipe pen allowing Mum & Dad to write freely on the chart and then rub off and start again for the next week. The category stickers allow you to focus behaviour on certain areas of concern such as eating, sharing and being tidy. The chart I sampled is for children of 1+ and a more complex chart is available for children aged 6 and over.

If you are having behavioural difficulties with your child and you feel a star chart would help to focus their attention on these areas then I would recommend you try one of these charts. I know that it worked for my little boy!

Star Charts can be purchased from as little as £9.99 at TheNaughtySeat

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