ME FEED ME - product review

Salmon Luke

The ME FEED ME feeding bowl and cutlery set are the invention of mum and dad team Anthony and Kaye Broad. They desinged the bowl and cutlery set after watching and studying their two young sons eating.

When first asked to review the bowl I wondered what I would really be able to write about it - after all it's just a bowl! How wrong I was. My 18 month year-old daughter has really improved her eating since she has been using the bowl and cutlery set.

First impression is that it looks a bit like a cat bowl, the sides are low and the surface area of the bowl is quite big. This however is where the clever design starts, because the bowl is low the child is not holding the spoon at a steep angle, this keeps more food on the spoon. The child can see into the bowl easily and can rest their hands beside the bowl whilst holding the spoon and fork over the bowl.

The unusual shape of the bowl is the next clever design idea, the three corners are rounded and shaped exactly to match the spoon. As your child is trying to scoop the food onto the spoon the food is channeled into one of the three corners where is is easily scooped onto the spoon. This simple idea is really ingenious and really does work. The edges of the bowl are slightly turned in and help prevent the majority of food from being tipped out of the sides of the bowl. The bowl has a sticky feel to the bottom preventing it from moving around on the table whilst the child is eating.

The large bowl surface area allows for even heating and cooling of the food, because the food is not piled into a heap in the middle of the bowl the food has less hot spots. The spoon and fork are nice to hold, the handles are made of a rubber type material that prevents them becoming slippery when wet or covered in food, they also fit perfectly with the corner edges of the bowl. The bowl is proving to be both microwave and dishwasher proof.

I cannot recommend this product enough, it really works well and will help your child develop their self-feeding skills a lot quicker than a conventional child's bowl and cutlery set.

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