"Your Baby Can Read" Reading Cards - Product Review

Double sided reading cards

The infant learning company have a number of different products designed to help your young child with their reading. The cards are created for children from 9 months upwards.

For this review I have used double-sided and lift-the-flap reading cards both of which are available separately and can be used in conjunction with "Your Baby can Read" DVDs and books.

Double-Sided word cards
The cards are large and easy to handle, they are colourful and different fonts are used to help your child recognise handwritten text. The cards are supplied with parent instructions and a good guide for suggestions of reading games to play with your children. My children (2.5 years & 5 years) both enjoyed the action cards instructing 'Clap your hands' and 'Kick your legs' etc. Using these cards I was surprised how quickly they both recognised the instructions on the cards as I flicked through them at random. I believe only a few minutes a day using these cards would show a noticeable improvement in your child's ability to recognise words.

Lift-the-flap-cards The Lift-the-flap cards are more visually stimulating than the double-sided word cards. Each card includes a picture associated with the word on the front of the card. When the flap is lifted your child will see the picture and a question will be revealed for you to ask your child, for example: the front word on a card may be eating, the picture will be of a boy eating and the question will be 'What is the boy eating?' The instructions suggest you ask your children to act with the words e.g. 'Show me how you eat'. Involving your children with actions seems to keep their interest more than just reading through the words on the cards.

I think the reading cards are very good for getting your children interested in reading and I think adding the element of actions and fun to the learning will help to keep them stimulated. For more details visit: InfantLearning

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