Outdoor Activity Toys

We all want our children to be more active so what better way to encourage them than to purchase some activity toys for the garden. The toys available for purchase for your garden are almost endless; some suppliers even stock mini bouncy castles for the garden! Before you get overexcited and start ordering everything for your garden check the sizes of the items to see if they will fit - Don't forget you might want some space left to relax or kick a ball around.

Swings/Slides and Climbing Frames -

These are the more traditional items we all remember from our childhood. Now they are available in many different sizes and materials. Metal swings and frames are very strong and are not affected by the weather but may not blend as well in your garden as a wooden set. Some manufacturers supply swing seats for babies, toddlers, children and adults. 'Duo' swings and boats are also available.
Climbing frames are available with climbing nets and rope ladders to help develop climbing skills and some are supplied with monkey bars.
When purchasing slides and climbing frames give careful consideration to the height of the item and ensure your child is old enough to use it sensibly.

Trampolines -

When was the last time you did some trampolining? Well I can tell you it is exhausting!!! My little boy bounces around for hours on his and I am worn out after 5 minutes! This is a great form of exercise for your children (and adults) but beware they take up a lot of space. Remember to buy the side netting if the trampoline is to be above ground level. When buying an outdoor trampoline ensure it has galvanised steel frame and springs, I would also recommend a frame pad to cover the springs. Mini trampolines are also available for children as soon as they are able to walk.

Inflatables -

Now you can buy small inflatables for the garden, these are in the form of small bouncy castles, bouncy houses and inflatable slides. These are another good form of exercise but beware of bumped heads when 2 or more children on at the same time.

Sports Equipment -

Choose from goalposts, basketball nets and outdoor tabletennis tables. Table football for the garden is also available - may not seem like a great form of exercise but in my experience games can become very enthusiastic.


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