Miracle scarf and Miracle Band - Product Review

Miracle scarf

The Miracle scarf and Miracle band are a convenient means for parents to carry toys for their babies. The scarf has two toys attached, one is a squeaky star and the other is a musical fish (plays music when squeezed). One end of the scarf has a rattle inside and the other end of the scarf has a small pocket with a velcrose tab for keeping another toy.

The scarf and band are extremely soft feeling similar to velvet and are both bright and colourful. The scarf would be very cosy for a baby to be cuddled against and they would be attracted to the bright colours and the dangling toys. The scarf will also be handy for protecting shoulders and clothes from dribble when carrying your baby; the scarf is machine washable (if put inside a pillowcase).

Miracle Band I personally think the Miracle band is a great idea, this also features a star and fish to match the scarf. When sitting with my young baby on my lap I would always face them away from me so they could see who I was talking to and what was going on around them. I cannot begin to imagine how many times as I sat like this I would present them with a toy which they would then suck and drop to the floor, I would then bend over, pick it up, look at it (the toy) thinking oh no is it dirty and then invariably hand it straight back to the baby. The Miracle band would have prevented this and left me feeling a lot more relaxed and my baby a lot less frustrated.

I think the Miracle scarf and in particular the Miracle Band are both a great concept and would make superb gifts. For more details visit: Yes!SuperBaby

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