Lumilove - Product Review


I have recently tried the Lumilove night light and I am very impressed. My little boy will not fall asleep without a light on and this is the perfect solution.

These cute little creatures glow gently by your child's bedside to banish the dark and night time fears, plus their friendly demeanour adds extra reassurance, and their gradually changing colour brings a touch of fun! I originally thought the changing of colours would be distracting at bedtime but the colour transition is gentle and soothing to watch.

The Lumilove is supplied with a mains adaptor which allows you to charge the lumilove during the day, the lumilove is then powered at night for up to 8 hours using the battery. This means you do not have to plug the Lumilove in in your child's bedroom and it does not get hot. If your child awakes in the night they can take the lumilove with them to another room. The lumilove makes a good travel companion when children are away from home as it is small and light enough to pack into an overnight bag. If like my little boy the light is only needed whilst trying to get to sleep then a full charge will last a number of evenings.

If you are looking for a portable, safe night light then strongly recommend you buy this product.

The lumilove can be purchased for £23.00 at bibsandstuff

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