Free Insurance for Parents

A new legal cover insurance is now avaiable in the UK for Parents using a valid Promotional code. With the exclusive Promotional code PARENT readers of will be able to receive the insurance cover free. This insurance is supplied by Lawcover and is fully regulated by the FSA.

The insurance cover provides the following -


  • 24 hour accident support for you and your loved ones at the accident scene and after
  • covers you, your family and any other passengers in any vehicle whoever is driving
  • "call-from-scene" 24/7 accident scene support and evidence-gathering mentoring from our specialist accident helpline right from the accident site
  • free immediate insurance check to check whether the other driver is insured (and we will discreetly call the police if they are not)
  • free recovery of your vehicle, replacement car hire with child seats and rehabilitation for you and any injured passengers (in non-fault cases)
  • replacement car seat and other lost nursery equipment within 24hrs
  • free replacement child seat up to £200 (terms and conditions apply)
  • immediate specialist accident legal services with no risk of legal costs covers any accident involving a vehicle, even pedestrians

How does Normal Legal cover work
Some Legal Expenses Insurance policies are not worth the paper they are written on. Insurers sell them for £15 upwards when they sell you car insurance but they make much more money by selling on claims to solicitors.

Most commonly claims are traded for around £600 but fees can rise to £700 or in the worst known case £10,000.

Many insurance companies run auctions and are routinely involved in the selling of their customers' personal injury claims.

How does Lawcover work?
Although your policy is free, should you ever need to claim on the policy there is a £300 excess but this excess is paid by the lawyer you choose to represent you.

This means that Lawcover are able to re-distribute the millions of pounds in the industry from the big insurers direct to the customer and for the customers benefit. The lawyer representing you will be happy to have reduced the cost of buying the claim by over 50% and will work harder on your case. You are happy because you know the lawyer is selected on quality, not price.

How does Lawcover make its money
Lawcover have an interest in the £300 excess which is used to pay all claims on the policy. They expect to make about £50 per case in this way, or more if they can ensure the quality of lawyers is such that more cases are successful.

Lawcover plan to become the standard way of obtaining Legal Expense Insurance rather than the current model of referral fees and backhanders. Lawcover plan to offer the opportunity to pass on membership to all of your friends so they can also benefit from Free Legal Expenses Insurance.

If you already have Legal Expense Insurance on your current motor policy do not cancel it as you are unlikely to receive a refund and you are legally allowed to have more than one policy.

To read more and to apply for your free cover visit Lawcover and enter the promotional code - PARENT.

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