Cuski orthopaedic pillow

After nurturing our babies and giving then the best possible start in life why, when they are ready for their first sleep support, do we give them any old pillow to sleep on? Doing this could cause future back and neck problems leading to sleep deprivation - and not only for your child!

Cuski have developed their first orthopaedic pillow, sized and shaped to give the essential neck support for your growing child. It can help to eliminate future neck and back problems, pain, arthritis and poor blood circulation.
It also helps to induce a more restful sleep for your child.
This pillow has been created especially to meet the needs of young children from the ages 2 years and upwards.

The neck with its seven sensitive vertebrae, receives little support from a conventional pillow. Which is often why we tend to try and "scrunch" the pillow in order to get comfortable? But even once a comfortable position has been found; it's difficult to maintain the proper support as the shoulders tend to push the pillow out of place. Children don't know to do this, so with the Cuski pillow made of heat responsive viscos elastic memory foam which has been anatomically designed

  • continuously adjusts to relieve pressure points
  • moulds to accommodate growing shoulders and natural curves
  • keeps the spine correctly aligned, allowing muscles and ligaments to relax
  • reduces tossing and turning thus creating optimum comfort whilst your child is sleeping

Start your toddler on the right track and invest in the Cuski orthopaedic pillow as the first and only pillow your child will need for their growing years. The pillow can be used when the child moves from a cot to a bed.

Viscos elastic memory foam is now used in many healthcare products and is endorsed by the medical profession, chiropractors and physiotherapists.

The Cuski pillow has an RRP of £35. To find a local stockist visit :Cuski Stockists

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