Chipmunk Shoes

Chipmunk Shoes Chipmunk Shoes

Chipmunk shoes are avaiable in toddler sizes ranging from size 4 to 9.

Chipmunk shoes differ from most other brands as follows:

Padded arch supports inside each shoe - these give extra support for growing feet and ensure proper development.

Soft flexible soles - Rather than hard static rubber soles, these are made of flexible rubber which are maleable. They are therefore better suited for younger children - and ideal when either walking or crawling as the sole moves with the feet and does not restrict movement.

All the chipmunks are either Leather or Nubuck (except the slippers) - being natural materials these 'mould' to the feet during wear.

Price - Chipmunks are probably the most in-expensive leather shoes you can buy. They range from £10 - £13.00 per pair.

Chipmunk shoes can be purchased online at ShoesforKids in the size 4 - 9 sections.

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