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Thomas train cake kit

Does your young child ever present you with a real challenge when asked what sort of birthday cake they would like? Oh a princess cake or a super-hero cake or a castle please!!! If they do then help is at hand......

Heroes for Kids have a number of different styles of cake kits and decorations to help you create the perfect birthday cake for your little one. Some of the cake decorations are edible and can be placed on standard sized cakes whilst some of the cake kits require a cake to be made to exact proportions. The cake decorations/kits are available in most young children's favourite characters including Disney Princess, Thomas The Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Barbie and many more.

I recently made a Thomas the Tank engine cake using a cake kit and it was hard work but my little boy was very happy with the end result (children are easily pleased). The non-edible cake kits where you are building a cake and adding decoration are definitely the easiest to make but the cake kits where you are building a cake have more of a "wow" factor. The cake kit is supplied with instructions on the size of cake to make and how to construct the basic shape, you also receive instructions on how to assemble the cake and how to ice it.

These cake kits look great and the non-edible versions although more costly can be re-used or lent to friends.

To view the extensive range of cake kits visit - Heroes for Kids

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