Bambino Shoes

Bambino Shoes are leather and very lightweight. They are avaiable in a variety of sizes based on age (not British shoe size). The shoes I reviewed are suede and there are many variations in colours and patterns for both boys and girls.

As the shoes do not come in traditional sizes I did not think they would be a very good fit - I was wrong! The heel piece is elasticated and holds the heel of the foot comfortably and securely into the shoe. The shoe length is not so important as the foot is held in well and it allows you to buy a size that will hopefully last for a while.
Bambino Shoes
My little girl of 15 months is obsessed with pulling socks and shoes from her feet. For some reason she does not do this when wearing these shoes, I have noticed periods of a few hours when she is wearing them around the house and they have not been pulled off or fallen off. She has worn them with and without socks and seems comfortable wearing them either way.

The Sole of the shoe is lightly padded and the shoe is ideal for wearing around the home and playing outside, I would not recommend the shoe for walking around whilst out as the sole is not sufficient enough to protect a child's foot from sharp objects.

My daughter and I are very impressed with these little shoes and we recommend them to parents and babies.

Bambino shoes can be purchased online at SemolinaPilchard

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