Parenting Tips: Starting School

This Parenting Tips video provides tips for parents who have a child starting school soon. Even if your child has already started it still has some useful tips.

As a parent each milestone that your child passes is accompanied by mixed feelings. Starting school is one of those which requires careful preparation beforehand, on the day and thereafter.

Both you and your child will be experiencing a whole mix of emotions, both positive and negative.

This video emphasises the importance of only passing on positive feelings to your child even though your stomach maybe doing somersaults it is not something that is wise to project to your child. By listening to them and being conscious of their approach to this big day will help all of you.

It will give you advice before starting school, on the day and at the end of the day. This advice can be applied from then on to make sure that your child's experiences are positive ones.

This is an extremely emotional time for a parent but believe it or not children settle fast into new environments!

We hope this Parenting Tips a child starting school video is useful and helps you with your ongoing quest to help create a happy family.

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