Parenting Tips: Sibling Rivalry

This Parenting Tips video takes a look at why sibling rivalry exists and what you can do to reduce the number of disagreements between your children.

It is perfectly natural for siblings to fall out with each other and you cannot expect to have a harmonious house all the time. Equally there is no reason why brothers and sisters cannot learn to get on well so that any friction between siblings as well as any underlying rivalry is reduced.

This video runs through a number of tips for how you can encourage your children to get a long better. It discusses how introducing the art of negotiation can help reduce arguments and stress. In addition learning how to negotiate will help your children in all areas of their lives. As well as helping them to understand and appreciate other people's points of view it also helps them to learn skills and techniques for becoming more persuasive as they grow up and therefore more likely to get what they want from life.

You will also gain a better understanding of how your own reactions to your children can increase the likelihood of sibling rivalry developing.

Other Parenting Tips videos you may find helpful in reducing arguments and aggression in your children include Coping with Aggressive Behaviour.

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