Parenting Tips : Setting Boundaries

This Parenting Tips video covers the subject of house rules.

Having a selection of house rules can make life a lot easier for you as a parent. They can also help your children as they know where they stand and know what type of habits and behaviour are likely to cause problems in your house.

One of the issues in setting house rules is deciding how many rules you should have and what they should cover. Should you have rules for everything or a smaller set of rules to cover the bigger issues?

Setting rules can be quite difficult, especially if this is not something you have tried to do before and your children are not used to having a set of rules laid down for them to follow. If you already have a set of house rules, but all they seem to do is cause more problems then this video may help you to establish what rules you need to have in place and how you stand the best chance of making the rules stick.

This video gives you some useful guidelines. It explains why it can be counterproductive to set too many rules and why you should also abide by the rules yourself if you want to earn the respect of your children. By watching this Parenting Tips video you stand a much better chance of your children abiding by your rules, so that you can maintain a happy and harmonious home.

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