School Gate Tips

It's not just children that can find it hard settling into a new school. Many parents can find the school gate culture difficult to come to terms with. This video contains tips for making new friends with other parents at the school gate.

When your child first starts school you will come across a wide range of different people at the school gate. If you are new to the area or your child went to a different preschool to others, how do you start to make friends at the school gate?

A Real Mix of People

Within the mix of people you will encounter many may already be in friendship groups. Others will be confident and outgoing and find it easy to attach themselves to a group or start their own. But there are many parents who are nervous, lacking confidence and unsure of themselves. Many will disguise nervousness well, so don't assume that if someone appears to be outgoing that they really are. They might be finding it all very difficult and in truth really appreciate people talking to them.

It can take time to mix and make new friends. So don't feel bad if you don't strike up friendships quickly. It can take a while to identify who is on the same wavelength as you socially. At first it may help to use small social signals such as a nod or a smile. Don't be put off if you get no response. It says more about the person not responding than it does about you.

Over time friendships will grow. Identify other mothers and fathers who have children in the same class as you do. This will give you something in common and topics of conversation to talk about. Friendships can also grow out of the friends your child makes.

Join the School PTA

Consider getting yourself known by helping in class. Another great way to meet people is through the school PTA. By giving your time you get to meet a lot of people with shared interests.

Look Out for Social Mornings and Evenings

Most infant schools have classroom reps. These roles are usually taken on by confident people. If that is not you, but you want to challenge yourself and get in touch with a lot of mums and dads quickly then give the role a go. Otherwise look out for any invites from classroom reps for nights out or coffee mornings. These are an ideal way to make friends.

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