Parenting Tips: Playground Germs

This Parenting Tips video looks at germs in playgrounds and what you can do to reduce the amount of germs that your children could ingest.

Children love playgrounds they are great places to let off steam but with every hop, swing and monkey bar come unwanted germs. Children are asked to wash their hands before eating but have you ever thought about how many germs there are in playgrounds and how your children can avoid them?

In this short and informative Parenting Tips video you are given some top tips from Dr Lisa Ackerley an Environmental Health Practitioner to minimise the amount of germs your children come in contact with. She runs through some of the germs that could be present in a playground and where they come from. You will learn some valuable tips to beat germs. One very good tip always carrying around an antibacterial hand gel or wipes such as Cuticura, which is a convenient and easy way to keep hands clean and eliminate germs.

If you found this Parenting Tips video to beat germs informative and useful then you may also find this one just as good How to Keep Your House Tidy. It gives you great tips to keep your house clean and tidy even if you have toys everywhere!

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