Parenting Tips : New Baby? What to Expect

Do you know what to expect from your baby in the first week after it's born? This Parenting Tips video runs you through what you can expect in the first week after the birth of your baby.

It talks you through what to expect in terms of feeding and sleeping. It also explains how many nappies you can expect to go through in the first week.

As you may already know you are likely to spend much of the first few days feeding your baby. This is because a new born baby will probably look to feed every two to three hours. If you are using formula milk rather than breast feeding your baby may be able to go a little longer in between feeds.

During these early days as your baby simply starts to get used to life around them they can already detect different tastes and the video explains how it is natural to suckle when they are faced with a source of food.

Also included in this Parenting Tips video is information about what is likely to happen to the weight of your baby during the first week of its life.

The first week can also be an extremely tiring time, especially if this is your first baby. Therefore it can help to control visitors for the first week and longer unless they are simply coming to help you while you are settling into your new routine.

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