Parenting Tips: Eliminating Nail Biting

This Parenting Tips video deals with the problem of nail biting. Once this habit is engrained it can be very difficult for a child to stop doing it. By taking action to bring it under control at any early age you are likely to be saving yourself from larger problems as your child grows older.

Even for adults nail biting is a difficult habit to cure. As children do not understand the reasons why they are biting their nails they find it even harder to get out of the habit. A lot of the time they bite their nails without realising why they are doing so.

There are two main reasons why nail biting happens. These are when a child has nothing to do with their hands. Unoccupied hands often have a habit of making their way to the mouth. The second reason is when a child feels anxious or stressed.

I have seen elsewhere the suggestion of giving a child chewing gum to overcome nail biting. This can have its own problems as chewing gum can lead to teeth decay. Many parents also try painting an unpleasant tasting liquid onto the finger nails.

In this Parenting Tips video the reasons behind nail biting are looked at in greater depth. You are also given suggestions to help stop your child from biting their nails.

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