Parenting Tips: Overcome Homework Problems

Homework is an inevitable part of school life but it doesn't mean that your child will be happy doing it. For most children the word homework will send them running in the opposite direction. As parents you know it is your job to ensure that it is done and handed in one time and therefore if problems arise you could feel anxious and guilty even though you are not the one doing it!! Ultimately the homework battle often leads to arguments and tension in the house.

However, it doesn't have to be this way. In this Parenting Tips video it will give you a few suggestions to use in order to get your child in the right frame of mind to concentrate on their homework. It will help you spot signs that your child might be struggling to cope with it such as finding every excuse in the book to avoid it.

As well as being in the right frame of mind children also need to be in the right environment to be able to concentrate and carry out the job in hand.

By following the advice you should make the job of homework that little bit easier on all of you.

Good luck and please check out our other Parenting Tips videos which aim to make your life a bit easier.

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