Parenting Tips: Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom

This Parenting Tips video gives you ideas for decorating a teenager's bedroom. As you are probably already aware teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedroom. They see it as their space and it gives them somewhere where there they can get a degree of privacy. The décor and furniture are likely to be of great importance to your teenager.

Agreeing on décor for a teenager's bedroom can often cause friction between parents and the teenager. Therefore when you start to discuss options be prepared for a degree of negotiation. It is important that you take into account at least some of your teenager's wishes as it will be them that spends most of their time in the room. Colours in particular can cause a degree of contention.

Before starting any discussions it also pays to have a budget in mind and to make it clear what that budget is. This makes negotiation a lot easier as it is easier to discount items that are clearly going to take you over budget.

In this video there are plenty of ideas for how you can save space. There are also tips for relatively inexpensive pieces of furniture and accessories, especially space savers. This Parenting Tips video also covers the type of bed you might like to use, with the emphasis on dual purpose beds that help to give any teenagers bedrooms extra space.

All we need now is to find a magical Parenting Tips video on how to keep a teenager's bedroom tidy!

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