Children's Friendships

Children can be fickle and children can be mean when it comes to friends and friendships. It is more or less guaranteed that your child will face friendship problems at some stage during their schooldays. It could be that a friend is being unkind to your child or the other way round where your child is giving another a hard time.

The Number of Friends May Not Be Important

The number of friends your child has may or may not be a problem. A lot of children like to be surrounded by a large group of friends while others prefer smaller, closer friendship groups. There is only a problem if your child is unhappy with the number of friends they have.

Younger children can fall out with friends on a regular basis. This can cause a lot of worry for parents, but it is part of growing up and learning how to get on with others. In is normal for older school children to have fall outs and upset too.

Falling Out is Normal. Too Many Fall Outs Are Not

If falls outs happen every day with a lot of different children this can indicate a problem. Unless your child is being bullied it suggests that the problem may be with your child and how they interact with others. When this happens it is time to help your child with their friendship skills.

Changes During Teenage Years

You might also find that as children go through their teenage years there are periods of upheaval where old friendships fade as personalities and interests change. This can lead to periods where children have fewer friendships than before. This only becomes a problem if this period is prolonged. If this is the case or your child is upset about losing friends take time to reassure them. This is a natural teenage phase, especially if your child goes through puberty at a different time to others.

Helping Your Children With Friendships

To help younger children with friendships you can arrange play days, invite children round for tea and meet up with mothers with similar aged children. As children get older a different approach may be needed. This involves introducing your child to activities that teenagers enjoy. Activities include ten pin bowling, ice skating, playing a musical instrument and different sports.

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