Improving Relationships With Teenagers

If you are finding it difficult to get along with your teenage son or daughter take a look at how you communicate with them. It is very easy for you to get stuck in a rut where most of the communication between the two of you is negative. Perhaps you are always sending the message they are a bad kid and they return the message, saying you're a bad parent.

How Praise Can Break the Negative Cycle

Once you are locked into this cycle it can be hard to break. But it can be done. The easiest way is to look for ways to praise your child. Giving praise can be like a miracle, especially if the recipient is not used to it.

Praise works best if it is about something specific. So look out for good things that your teenager does and praise them for it. You may notice a very quick turnaround in your relationship.

How Forward Planning Helps

It is not easy to switch from constantly being negative to being positive. You may find yourself having to bite your tongue on a regular basis. If you know that bad news may be coming that usually leads to confrontation, work out beforehand a better way to handle it. For example if your teenager is out later than you agreed, instead of stoking up your anger while you wait for them to return think of a way in which you can handle it more positively.

How to Deal With a Problem

This video makes suggestions of how you can praise your child even when something has gone wrong. In this example a parent is faced with a bad school report. By focusing on a positive aspect it can open the door for you to have a more open conversation about what is going wrong. From there you can work out a way of working together to fix the problem.

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