Parenting Tips : Simple Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Parenting Tips subjects include aggressive children, sibling rivalry, crying babies, setting boundaries and getting your children to do what you want. All age groups are covered from new born babies to older teenagers.

Setting House Rules to Make Your House a Happy House

Setting Boundaries Having a selection of house rules can make life a lot easier for you as a parent. They can also help your children as they know where they stand and know what type of habits and behaviour are likely to cause problems in your house.

Watch Video: Setting Boundaries

How To Get Your Children To Do What You Want Them To Do

Get Kids to do as You Ask Do you find it easy to get your children to do what you want them to do or is it hard work getting them to take any notice of what you say? This How to Parent video explains the difference how you talk to your children can have on whether or not they do what you are asking them to do.

Watch Video: Get Kids to do as You Ask

Dealing With Burns and Scalds

Dealing With Burns This video talks you through the actions you should take if your child is burnt or scalded. It also discusses some common treatments that can cause further pain and damage.

Watch Video: Dealing With Burns

Calming a Crying Baby

Calming a Crying Baby In this How to Parent video you can see a crying baby calm and stop in 15 seconds. All that is used is an item found in just about any household.

Watch Video: Calming a Crying Baby

Helping Your Child Settle in When Starting School

Starting School This How to Parent video provides tips to help you deal with the challenges you face when your child starts school. This can be a difficult time for both you are a parent and also for your child, especially if this is your first child that has reached school age.

Watch Video: Starting School

Tips for When and How to Move Your Baby From the Bottle to a Cup

Move Your Baby to a Cup One of the big problems with leaving your baby using a bottle for too long is the possibility of the bottle being a factor in tooth decay. This video looks at when your baby is likely to be a good age to switch over from a bottle so that their new teeth are protected.

Watch Video: Move Your Baby to a Cup

How to Stop Shouting and Relax More as a Parent

How to Stop Shouting and Relax Would you like to be a calmer, more relaxed parent? If you find yourself feeling stressed and uptight as a parent this video can put you on the path to regaining control. You can identify triggers and learn techniques to help you deal with everyday parenting situations in a calm, relaxed manner.

Watch Video: How to Stop Shouting and Relax

Ideas for Adding Excitement to Your Children's Lives

Adventure for Children Children love adventure, but how do you add a bit of fun and excitement to their lives in a safe environment? This How to Parent video gives you some ideas.

Watch Video: Adventure for Children

Coping With Aggressive Behaviour

Coping With Aggressive Behaviour Curbing aggressive behaviour in a child can be a tough job. This how to parent video gives you tips on how to reduce aggression and decrease your own stress levels.

Watch Video: Coping With Aggressive Behaviour

Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom

Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom Are you looking for some simple ideas that can transform a teenager's bedroom? This How to Parent video gives you a checklist for creating the ideal bedroom for a teenager.

Watch Video: Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom

Eliminating Nail Biting

Eliminating Nail Biting Nail biting is a hard habit to get out of. This How to Parent video explains the reasons behind why a child bites their nails and also gives suggests as to how you can break the habit.

Watch Video: Eliminating Nail Biting

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry and Squabbles

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry and Squabbles This How to Parent video gives you tips for how you can reduce sibling rivalry. It discusses how introducing the art of negotiation can help reduce arguments and stress.

Watch Video: Dealing with Sibling Rivalry and Squabbles

Preparing an Older Child for the Birth of a Baby

New Baby with Older Child One of your biggest concerns if you are expecting a second child may well be how your existing child will react when their brother or sister is born. This How to Parent video gives you tips on preparing your existing child for the arrival of a new sibling.

Watch Video: New Baby with Older Child

Protecting Your Child From Playground Germs

Playground Germs Perhaps it is not surprising that a wide variety of germs lurk in every children's playground. Playgrounds are not the most hygienic of places and germs can easily be spread no matter what your own standards of hygiene are. This video contains tips for protecting your children when playing at your l

Watch Video: Playground Germs

Homework Problems

Homework Problems Are homework problems causing stress and upset in your home? If so check out this video for tips on how you can overcome homework problems.

Watch Video: Homework Problems

What to Expect in the First Week After the Birth of Your Baby

New Baby? What to Expect Do you know what to expect from your baby in the first week after it’s born? This How to Parent video runs you through what you can expect in the first week after the birth of your baby.

Watch Video: New Baby? What to Expect

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