Taking Toddlers on the Slopes

Although many people prefer to escape the cold weather on a winter getaway, others embrace these chilly conditions on a ski or snowboard holiday. Some will argue that nothing comes close to the feeling of cruising down a perfectly groomed piste surrounded by stunning mountainous landscapes.

However, skiers and snowboarders with young children often believe they aren't able to take full advantage of wintertime ski deals. This couldn't be further from the truth, as there are a few different options for snow lovers with toddlers.

Choose a Resort with Childcare Facilities

In order to attract and provide for families, several resorts have comprehensive childcare facilities on offer. Toddlers as young as three months old can be looked after a while you make the most of the snow.

After a morning of skiing or snowboarding, you can return to have lunch with the little one(s) before heading back up the chairlift for another session. All the while, the resort's crèche will tend to the wants and needs of your offspring.

Sign them up for lessons

Even though spending time together is important, relationships can get a little fraught if you try and teach your child to ski or snowboard. Therefore, you should consider signing them up for lessons with a qualified instructor who has experience of dealing with young kids.

Before long, they'll be joining you on the slopes and you can watch them progress and improve along the way.

Hire a Carer or Nanny

From professional nanny services to English-speaking seasonaires looking to make a bit of extra cash, you can always hire someone to care for your toddler while you ski.

Another option is taking a grandparent or family member with you. Sweeten the deal by covering their expenses or offering to pay for the occasional day skiing. They may appreciate the getaway and can spend quality time with your child.

Ski with another family

If you know another family who enjoys skiing or snowboarding, try and go together, as you can share the responsibility of caring for youngsters. While one family enjoys the slopes, the other can mind the kids.

You may even be able to make the whole trip a bit cheaper by renting larger accommodation for everyone, sharing a transfer to the resort and splitting the cost of food.

So, there is no reason why you can't go skiing or snowboarding this winter even if you have young children. Just remember to make sure your chosen resort has the appropriate facilities and services.

Images by SkiStar and Günther Sader, licensed by Creative Commons


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