The Single Parent Holiday Dilemma

Single parent holidaysLet's face it, the reality is, single parent holidays can be a pretty lonely and horrible experience, and not really a holiday at all.

If we're honest, a lot of the time, the separation from an ex is often not the hardest part. It's the residual loss…It's losing friends and a network which is often the hardest part and holidays are often the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Suddenly, however confident a person you are, you can turn up on what was a totally idyllic holiday pre separation, and feel like a fish out of water in a sea of happily married couples and traditional families.

Remember that first day of school when you didn't know anyone and it felt like everyone else knew each other…Yep…That…It's a rite of passage when it comes to single parent holidays. Couple with that, the assumption by most, that single parents are all Vicky Pollard type characters, you may as well emblazon a black cross on your tent, hotel room door, restaurant table or sunlounger.

Now we're not saying that holidays specialising in single parent families are the best option for everyone but it's definitely something to consider, something that strangely, a lot of people don't even realise is an option.

And we're not just talking summer holidays, we're talking about those weekend breaks that you miss out on as you're no longer part of a couple. Often they're the ones that you miss most, they're the ones that you stress about most and they're the ones that you need most. Think Christmas, think New Year's Eve…You know what I'm talking about.

Firstly, may I confirm a few things:

. Single Parent trips are NOT full of Vicky Pollard type characters. Holiday makers range from teaching assistants to head teachers, admin assistants to managing directors and nurses to doctors and obviously, hard-working stay at home mums

. Single parent holidays are for people who want to have a great family holiday but surrounded by friendly, potential new friends.

. The children will have a great time. They have instant friends and even better, instant friends with one parent too. They're not the odd ones out on these holidays having to explain why they've only got one parent with them

. The trips are fun and full of laughter and support, and the aim is to help you create great memories and just relax

These trips and holidays are in no way pity parties. They're not for groups of sad individuals wallowing in the demise of their partnerships, wanting sympathy and consolation. They are totally the opposite, they're about people getting their lives back on track, people who pure and simple, don't want to go away and not speak to another adult for the duration, single parents who love their kids and love being away with them, but need a bit of adult company and support too to help them have a fun and relaxing break.

At Single With Kids our summer holidays are now well under way. We have camping trips in the UK, Lodge breaks in the UK and France (our France trip still has a couple of spaces available) and of course holidays to the sun in Majorca, Crete and Dubrovnik to name but a few but we don't stop planning. As summer draws to a close, we thought we'd mention a few of the breaks you can look forward to once the summer is over and the hayfever and insect bites are just a distant memory.

Center Parcs Autumn Weekend

This 2 or 3 night single parent break to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest gives all the comforts of this well- known chain, but with company in shared lodges meaning come night-time, you're not left stuck in the lodge on your own with only the TV for company.

Prices from £200 per room/weekend

Hargate Hall Christmas Break

Christmas is traditionally not listed in the top ten favourite times of years on the single parent calendar due to not only the potential loneliness but also the logistical nightmares it can bring. The Hargate Hall break is a perfect way to celebrate the festive season and relax ,and counteract what can traditionally be a not so happy time for single parents.

Hargate Hall is a country house in the picturesque Peak District. For the children we have magicians and a fairytale visit from Santa, for the adults warm mince pies and mulled wine in front of a roaring fire, great facilities and then the main party on the Saturday night.

Price from £140 per family including party!

Single With Kids also have breaks to York for Halloween, the Glastonbury Carnival in November and a fantastic New Years Eve break in the Lake District coming up as well as obviously all of next year's summer trips being planned as we speak.

This is just a tiny sample of the kind of thing you can expect from a single parent holiday. Single With Kids was founded by 2 single parents, Chrissie and Richard, who knew exactly how it felt to go away as single parents after separating from their partners.

The holidays focus on getting like-minded people together to create as relaxing, fun and friendly holiday as you like. We understand that all our holiday makers are individuals and some people want to be more involved than others. But that's the beauty of our holidays. You can spend as much or as little time with the group as you choose. It's all about creating your own personal break. We have a coordinator on each holiday to help you out whenever you need and to organise the group if need be and our holiday makers tell us we've got just the right balance.

What more can we say? Why not come and have a look at the holidays on the Single With Kids website and even chat to others on the forum if you're a bit nervous, which is only to be expected. You've got nothing to lose!

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