What Not to Forget When Packing for a Family Vacation

How many times have you arrived at your holiday destination, started unpacking and then it hits you? "What, No! I forgot to pack that?" There's no shame, it happens to the best of us, so to make your next family trip that little bit easier we've put together a list of things that you always forget in the hope it will jog your memory - and remind you never to leave these items behind again.

First Aid Kit

A common one that many of us forget, and while there's a strong possibility nothing will happen, why take the risk? You'll get a blister and one of the kids will fall over in a pool or at a park and scrape themselves - it's a family holiday, what do you expect? Basic first aid supplies can be expensive, overpriced and not something you want to be wasting time on while on holiday. So make your own first aid kit and take it with you in your toiletries. You don't need to pack anything complicated; just some plasters, bandages, mosquito spray and anything else you think you'll need. And don't forget any medication!

Lip Balm

Even if you don't usually use lip balm it would be a good idea to take it with you. Being out in the sun, at high altitude, eating salty foods and breathing in the dry air on the plane will dry your lips up massively. Put it in a bag with your makeup or toiletries so you don't forget it. A lip balm top tip - you can use it to tame the frizzy ends of your hair!

Adaptable Shoes

You'd be surprised how many people forget to pack all the pairs of footwear they really need for the trip. That could mean trainers, flip-flops, smart shoes or even slippers, depending on the holiday you're going on. Try going to the airport in them (not slippers!) so that you can't forget them.

Phone Charger

Whether you left it at home, lent it to someone or left it at the previous hotel, phone chargers are one of the most important holiday essentials. and last year it was the most commonly brought thing on Amazon. Yet we all forget to pack one and often have that frantic panic at the airport and have to buy a new one or just go out whole holiday phone less. Grab yourself a couple of cheap chargers from Amazon and leave one in your suitcase, and take a travel adaptor as well. Also take a portable charger so you don't run out of juice when you're out of the hotel all day and that perfect photograph opportunity pops up.


There is nothing worse than having no toothpaste to hand after a long flight, and if your accommodation that doesn't have free toiletries you'll have to go to the local supermarket or shop to grab one. Pack it in a bag with other toiletries, near the top of the case, so you don't have to root around after a long journey.

Spare Money

Everyone either over spends or underspends on holiday. If you run out of money you'd like to have a little secret stash kept away from the rest of your cash. It's also worth keeping it for your next holiday rather than getting it changed back to your own currency; exchange rates fluctuate and what you have now might be cheaper than it would cost in the future.


or anything that your little ones need to placate them or calm them down. You're probably thinking that your family holiday in the US or Spain will be a time when everyone can enjoy some quality time together, not watch Peppa Pig on a digital device. You'll rue that decision when your three-year-old is screaming their head off on the plane or at a Mediterranean bar at 7.30pm.

Make yourself a list to have with you while packing and tick it off item-by-item once they're in your bag - and then enjoy the flight!

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