Choosing Where and How to Travel With Kids

Every parent knows that when travelling with kids, you have to be prepared. It's essential that you have a lot of colouring books as well as books to read to hand. Of course, nowadays having some electronics like an iPad or smartphone can make the journey even easier. Taking the kids on holiday can be exhausting, and parents often find themselves having more of a break once they're back at work. To avoid this situation, plan your holiday carefully to make sure there's something to cater for everybody's needs.

Hot or Cold?

Do you prefer skiing in the beautiful, snowy Alps of Italy or Austria, or would you rather visit the warm, sunny beaches of Spain or Turkey?

Going somewhere warm is often the easier option. You can pack less clothes, don't need to take skiing equipment and you know your kids won't have to be wrapped up warm, because the sun will keep them warm after they've been playing in the sea. You can get a tan, enjoy building sand castles on the beach or perhaps take a boat trip to see the local surroundings.

However, forgetting all the packing and layering up to keep ourselves warm for a minute, going skiing can be a lot of fun. From teaching your little ones how to ski to having hot chocolate to keep warm, enjoying delicious dinners that are always much more tasty when you're hungry and having a good night's sleep after a long day riding down the hills, a skiing holiday will inevitably create a whole host of unforgettable memories.

Aeroplane or Car?

It is well known that flying is the fastest and safest way of traveling. However, it is not always the easiest. This is especially true when travelling with children who, as most parents know, have a tendency to bring out their naughty side when we most need them to be on their best behaviour.

The golden rule for travelling with kids on a plane is to keep them occupied so that they don't get bored and irritate other passengers. This means that ensuring the iPads are charged, the movies downloaded, the colouring books packed and the snacks prepared is key.

Travelling by car takes longer but you have the advantage of being in your own space. This means you can avoid the awkward stares when your kids are misbehaving, and pack all the drinks and snacks you need without worrying about luggage allowance.

The Right Destination

When you are single and have no kids, everything is much easier - going on a holiday means just relaxing by the pool or by the sea, enjoying the peace and quiet and enjoying your own company or the company of your partner. However, having your holidays with kids is a totally different thing. That is why it is very important for you to find a destination that is enjoyable both for you and for the children.

There are a few key things you can look for in a destination which could make holidaying with children significantly easier. The first thing is, of course, a kids' club. These usually offer plenty of fun for your children through a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, treasure hunts, sport competitions, water fun and so much more. A good kids club is the perfect way to ensure your kids make friends and get the most out of their holiday, whilst you get the well-deserved break you came away for.

In a similar vein, think about how you want to spend your evenings and if the resort you're considering caters for your requirements. If you're ideal holiday involves an evening sipping long, cold cocktails, obvious a good bar needs to be high up on the list. For the children, evening entertainment can prove very popular, whether it's in the form of a mini disco or a performance to keep them happy.

Luxury or wild adventure?

When deciding where to go, a very important question is whether you prefer spending the night in a tent or whether your perfect holidays consist of an All Inclusive week in one of the more luxurious hotels.

If you're ideal holiday is combining the two and embarking on a sort of 'luxurious adventure', a good option to consider is a campsite holiday, for example to Les Charmettes in Charente-Maritime, France. Resorts like this offer indoor entertainment venues, kids clubs for various age groups as well as outdoor pools and fun waterslides. Choosing a resort with these kinds of great facilities means your kids will be able to have a fun holiday, and you will be able to enjoy a relaxing break as well.

Amidst the stress of everyday life, it's important that your family holiday offers you the opportunity to relax and unwind, perhaps by taking some time off whilst your kids enjoy kids club, but also by having lots of family fun together. From the journey to the destination, plan your holiday to accommodate for everyone's needs so that you'll return home feeling refreshed and closer as a family.

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