Holidays in the Sun

If you are organising a family holiday in the sun there are a few extra things to take care of.

Before booking any holiday ask yourself the following questions:

. Will the children be happy in a hot climate?

. Will you be able to enjoy the hot climate or will you need to seek shade for the children?

. How long a flight time do you think the children will tolerate?

If you are still going, here are some tips to make the holiday easier:

1. Daytime Flights Work Best

Try and organise daytime flights if holidaying in Europe, although more expensive than late evening and early morning flights it will interfere less with your children's routine.

2. Booking With Children Who Can't Swim

If booking your own accommodation with a pool and your children cannot swim, try and find a place where the pool is fenced off for safety and peace of mind.

3. Arrive in Plenty of Time For Your Flight

Arrive in good time to check-in for your flight, the earlier you arrive the more chance you have of all sitting together on the flight.

4. Check Your Combined Luggage Allowance

Check your combined family luggage allowance with the airline, some charge if you are over your limit and children require a lot of luggage!

Most airlines will allow you to take a pram and a car seat in addition to your normal luggage at no extra charge. It is usual for you to be able to keep the pram/pushchair with you in the departure lounge and then hand to the cabin crew at the plane steps before boarding.

5. Does Your Child Need Their Own Seat?

It is usual that a child under 2 years will share an adult seat and only pay a small proportion of the adult fare, however, they do not generally receive a luggage allowance.

6. Long Haul Flights With Babies

If you are on a long-haul flight with a baby you may wish to reserve a basinet when booking the flight. This is a small cot that is normally placed on the table of the bulkhead seats (by the emergency exit). This means you are allocated the bulk head seats which afford you and your baby a little more legroom, it also allows a little space for the baby to play on the floor instead of being stuck on your lap for the entire flight.

7. Long Haul Flights With Toddlers

On a long-haul flight exercise your toddler on the flight by walking them around the aisles whenever possible, in my experience most people are ok with this. If your toddler is happy then he/she won't be crying and making your life a misery.

Take books, personal stereos and quiet games to keep children amused on the flight.

Take a small selection of sandwiches if you are flying with an airline that charges for food on the flight.

8. Prepare for Take Off and Landing

When taking off and landing the cabin pressure changes can cause pain for young children as they are unable to equalise their ears. For babies a bottle/breast to suckle can help the equalisation process, for older children a boiled sweet should help.

9. Relax!

Try to be relaxed about the flight, if you are tense and uptight then your children will pick up on this and will feel anxious themselves.

10. Car Hire Considerations

If you are hiring a car, either take your own child car seat or request one at the time of booking your car rental.

11. Sun Protection

Ensure your children are totally protected from the sun, some swimsuits now offer a Sun protection factor(SPF). Use these swimsuits in addition to sun cream and remember to re-apply after the children have been swimming.

Keep the family well hydrated, drink plenty of water.

12. Do You Need Vaccinations?

Ensure you and your family are vaccinated for your holiday destination. Use this site Net Doctor and check with your GP that you are fully covered.

13. Do You Have Travel Insurance?

Ensure you have travel insurance to cover you and your family for any sudden illnesses whilst you are away. If you are thinking of taking a few holidays in a year then it may be much cheaper to buy a yearly travel insurance policy.

14. Package Holidays

If you are booking a package holiday then you will not need to worry about flights, car hire or accommodation. Your tour operator will arrange your transfer to/from your hotel/apartment.

15. Local Airports

Many local airports now fly to International destinations, these flights are often a little more expensive than flying from the major airports but could save you a lot of travel time.

16. Websites to Book Your Holiday

If you are booking your flights, car and accommodation i.e. not booking a package holiday then I can recommend the following sites

Have a good time!

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Holidays in the Sun

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