Holidays for Teenagers

There comes a time when it's just not cool for a teenager to be seen on holiday with their parents. What's more as children get older and develop different sleep patterns their routines may not fit in with those of other family members.

If this sounds like you, but you would still like your teenager to have a break away from home it may be time to consider sending your teenager on a specialised holiday for children in their age group.

Teenage Holidays Available in the U.K. and Europe

There is quite a wide choice of places to go. This could be in the U.K. or for the more adventurous somewhere in Europe. A peak season week in the U.K. is likely to cost in the region of £500 for food and accommodation.

The Holidays Are Usually Activity Based

The holidays are activity based and the idea is for the teenagers to have plenty of activities on offer that will make them want to get out of bed.

The range of activities you can try is certainly impressive. Not all of the activities are available at all of the holiday centres, so you need to make sure that the activities you are interested in are available at your chosen holiday destination.

Included in the list of activities are pony trekking, motor biking, football, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, abseiling, mountain biking and watersports. Some centers even offer music recording or learning to drive. Others include day trips to theme parks. As you can see the list of activities is quite comprehensive and the holidays are geared towards more active children. The good news is that as most children will be trying these activities for the first time no preset skills are required. All your child really needs is a have a go attitude.

Good For Independence and Social Skills

There are many advantages to the holidays. Children get to stand on their own two feet. They also get the chance to meet other teenagers with a similar outlook on life. This can help them to make new friends and brush up on their social skills. Although this type of holiday gives them the chance to mix with plenty of other children of their own age I would personally suggest going along with a friend or in a group of four or six.

In the evenings further entertainment is laid on. This could include discos or trips to a nearby bowling alley.

Choice of Accomodation

Accommodation varies. For the more adventurous there is camping. For a slightly more civilised life your teenager could find themselves holidaying in a log cabin or staying in an old manor house. Many of the places to stay have their own amenities such as a games rooms with table tennis, table football and a television. All food is provided.

Holidays Broken into Different Age Bands

Companies tend to split holiday groups into different age bands. This ensures your children will be mixing with other children of their own age. Typical age groups are 7 - 10, 10 - 13 and 13 - 16.

Further Information

Where can you find details of companies that offer this type of holiday? One of the market leaders is If you pay their website a visit you can request a DVD. This is an excellent way to find out more about their holidays. They also do more adventurous holidays for the whole family. So if you feel your child is not quite ready to strike out on their own, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a holiday that they can still really enjoy as part of your family.

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