Problems with Booking Large Family Holidays

Families in with four or more children often face difficulties when it comes to booking family holidays. In order to find out what is specifically causing these problems, we have approached the parent community at Larger Family Life to ask 'what problems do you face when taking holidays as a larger family?' and 'what is the main thing you look for when booking a holiday?' the responses were incredibly revealing.

What problems do you face when taking holidays as a larger family?

The majority of respondents identified price as being one of their main concerns. When booking a holiday for the whole family abroad, the cost can accumulate when you take into consideration the fact that the price of flights are often more expensive during school holidays.

There are many parents who specifically seek out the discounts offered to families during the peak holiday season, but larger families are often excluded from these deals due to the fact that they have four or more children.

Parents are having also having difficulties in finding accommodation that's big enough to sleep the whole family. Larger properties can push a family's budget over the edge, as they can be more expensive.

If on the other hand a family has to pay for two hotel rooms rather than one family room, they can end up paying twice as much for accommodation. In these instances, families may be separated with no guarantee of joining rooms. If your children are too young to be left in a hotel room unsupervised, parents will be forced to sleep in separate rooms.

What is the main thing you look for when booking a holiday?

The main two things our respondents want out of a holiday are value and choice. When going on a family holiday, the whole family wants the ability to stay together in comfortable accommodation without having to worry about the cost.

As well as being able to enjoy the holiday together, large families want to stay in a location that offers entertainment and facilities that cater to all ages, no matter whether you have toddlers and teenagers, and even grandparents if you are going with the whole family.

Many parents are willing to venture out of resorts in order to partake in family outings, but most families look for accommodation that has onsite facilities and activities such as kids clubs, sports activities, a pool or access to the beach. Another aspect parents look for is the opportunity to relax. Everyone's needs must be taken into consideration in order to have a successful holiday.

What is the solution?

As the parents from Larger Family Life spend an average of £1000 on their family holidays, holiday providers should be doing more to cater to their needs. The majority of holiday companies cater to families with fewer than four children, making it difficult for larger families. Booking holidays can become a chore for parents in this situation, when it should be exciting and fun.

In order to combat this problem have recently created a page on their website specifically offering accommodation and locations to suit larger families. This resource features popular hotels and resorts that specifically provide accommodation to sleep large families, as well as offering family friendly facilities and activities to suit all ages.


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