10 Tips for Travelling with Your Kids

Travelling with children can be incredibly fun when you think of all the future family vacations that you can have together. Unfortunately, long road trips can be a nightmare when you have your kids in the backseat. You might find that it is difficult to get by one hour in the car with the kids, let alone being in there for multiple hours at a time. Here you will find 10 key tips you can use when you are in the midst of planning a family vacation and will be doing some travelling with your children in tow.

1. Don't Put Off Travelling With Kids

One of the most beneficial tips you can implement is to simply not put off travelling with your kids for too long. While it is true that it can be difficult vacationing with a new born, you need to get your kids used to car rides and travelling as soon as possible. It is one of those things that the longer you put it off, the more difficult the task is going to become. You will find children become used to something the more they do it, so travel often with your children to get them used to it.

2. Don't Stay in the Car for Long Periods of Time

Another problem many parents have is that they try to get to their destination as quickly as possible to make the trip less stressful and so that the family isn't in the car for too long. What this does is cause major boredom for the children sitting in the backseat. If your child has to sit in the same spot for hours, they are going to get very bored very quickly. Instead, you might want to think about stopping and going into a place to eat rather than taking something out and eating it in the car. Even doing something as simple as walking around a rest area is enough to get rid of that excess boredom.

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3. Pack Comfortable Things from Home

The best way to travel with kids is to have them sleep for most of the trip. This eases the stress that you and your children will feel if they are awake the entire time and are bored. The best way to promote sleep is to bring comfortable things from home into the car. For example, you might want to pack up your child's favourite stuffed toys, pillows and blankets. With all of these things in the car with them, it'll be easy for them to fall into a restful sleep that may just last the entire trip.

4. Pack Fun Toys from Home

Along with comfortable pillows and blankets, you might also want to pack games that the child regularly plays with. This could be a handheld device that they play with or it could also be as simple as an action figurine or a doll. By bringing these things with you, you're giving your child more options for them to decrease the amount of boredom they are feeling on the trip.

5. Make Use of Mobile Movies

There are many portable DVD movie players available that are relatively inexpensive. You might even already have one of these devices in your house. One movie can take up the entire length of a trip or at least half of it, so be sure to bring along a couple of fun and interesting movies that the kids will love. The best types of movies to bring are ones that your child has not watched already. The reasoning behind this is because new movies will catch your child's attention more than ones they've already seen.

6. Play Visual Games with the Family

Another great tip for parents is to incorporate visual car games while travelling. This could mean guessing at things your child is looking at or counting the amount of license plates you all get to see while on the road. These visual games may get boring a little more quickly than others, but they can pass up a little bit of the time.

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7. Bring a Lot of Music

Whether you're travelling with toddlers or teenagers, music is one way to relax bored minds and add a bit of interest to the trip. The type of music you bring is really up to you and your family's interests. If you're travelling with teens, you might want to bring modern music that is more to their taste. For little kids, there are many different CDs and DVDs available that are geared to keep them singing along and laughing the entire way.

8. Provide Snacks and Don't Be Too Picky

On a trip, the last thing you want to do is force strict eating rules for the family. Instead of telling your kids they cannot eat until they get to the hotel room, pack up some healthy snacks and lunches for the ride. These healthy snacks will keep your kids entertained and it will also greatly decrease hunger grumpiness that can come as a result of a kid who hasn't eaten in a few hours.

9. Consider Travelling with Friends

If you find travelling with your kids to be unbearable no matter how many snacks or movies you bring on the trip, you might want to think about travelling with friends. Ask your child if they want to have a friend come along for the trip. Your child and their friend will then be able to have fun in the backseat and keep themselves entertained so that it reduces the stress you're dealing with.

10. Bring Cameras and Recorders

A great way to keep the kids entertained and provide your family album with some new material is to give your kids a camera or video recorder so that they can take pictures on the ride. You will find that this keeps the kids entertained because they are busy looking for things to take pictures of. Travelling with your children does not have to be a burden since there are many ways to keep it incredibly fun and interesting.

If travelling with your kids is too stressful they you can always take flight, not only it will save you time but it will also make your travel less stressful. Taking flight is not always expensive; there are lot of flight comparison websites where you can search for different flight deals. In order to get a good deal you just have to start searching for flights as soon as possible. Holidays present families with opportunities to create special memories that children remember all their lives, so go out on holiday with your kids and enjoy.


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yes , yes really. I am totally agree here and these memries will make them happy in future,

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