Is Taking your Kids on Holiday Good?

It matters little whether families extravagantly circle the globe or dedicate two weeks to an in-depth exploration of their garden and neighbourhood: Children love holidays. Family holidays, in particular, provide benefits that will nourish kids' spirits throughout their entire lives. Regardless of the holiday's cost, little in life surpasses the advantages that come from a family experiencing quality time and interaction. Some of the best holiday destination list for kids under-fives can be found here:

What Defines a Family Holiday?

A family holiday holds only one requirement - that the family spends time together away from life's regular routine. The duration and type of holiday time varies between families and depends upon activity preferences, budget and the available time away from work and school. The holiday could entail a weekend at the beach, two weeks in Hawaii or a month at a country home; likewise, a family could spend the holiday exploring their neighbourhood's many nooks and crannies.

Quality time spent together away from work, school, television and other distracting influences defines a family holiday that imprints the most valuable stamps within a child's heart.

Family Holiday

A Lifetime Supply of Memories

Holidays spent together supply each family member with enough giggles, stories and cosy warmth to endure decades of repeated recitation. Feel free to plan a perfect family holiday, but do not expect one. Realistically speaking, holidays rarely live up to anticipated perfection, but the most valuable memories often stem from imperfections.

Dad falling fully clothed into the water, mum forgetting to pack essential items or discovering the luxury hotel room consists of a single sagging bed and a shared toilet holds little humour during the holiday. Time has a way of softening these horrors, and later years will find the kids entertaining their grandchildren with these fabulous stories. Every story will be infused with the warm spirit of family togetherness, which reflects the holiday's true value.

Increased Sense of Safety and Security

Some children call it contentment, and others call it a warm, fuzzy feeling. Regardless of the description, children develop an increased sense of safety and security during family holidays. Parents may not place great importance on their own playing, but when children see their parents laugh and enjoy silliness, they experience a high level of comfort. This comfort informs them that all is right with the world, and a portion of that security remains long after the holiday ends.

Unforgettable New Experiences

Family holidays present children with the opportunity to explore and encounter foods, places and activities they might not otherwise experience. A heightened sense of adventure encounters most holidays, and this holds true even if the holiday is one repeated annually. In this receptive frame of mind, children jump willingly into trying something new.

Sometimes, enjoyment of a new experience stems from a different angle. Kids can read about the vastness of the ocean, the staggering height of mountains and the hypnotising clacking of a train, but experiencing the wonder themselves differs drastically from reading another person's account. Children rarely forget the feelings that accompany incredible new experiences.

Family Holiday

Stress Break

A large amount of stress accompanies the daily life of kids. Regardless of age, children are anxious to perform well in school, keep up with chores, handle peer pressure, participate in music or sports outside of school and, in some cases, maintain part-time employment. In their eyes, life can seem an endless whirlwind.

That whirlwind dissipates and disappears with the fun and frivolity of vacations. Escaping with their families allows kids the rest and relaxation that alleviates daily stress; their psyche receives a much needed break, which rejuvenates their minds, bodies and souls.

Strong Family Bond

Enjoying holidays together strengthens family bonds. Holidays introduce a dynamic different from day-to-day routines: Each family member gets to see the others in a new light. During family holidays, parents and children gain a deeper, more insightful understanding of each other that life's obligations and stresses block during a typical day. A strong family unit emerges as deeper insight generates appreciation of each other.

Better Productivity

Just like adults, children provided with the time to frolic, relax and renew themselves during a pleasurable family holiday demonstrate better productivity when they return to educational pursuits. Once they are refreshed, they return to school ready to take on the world.

Cultivate a Desire to Enjoy Life

Kids who experience only the humdrum routine of life during childhood carry that routine into their adult years. Holidays, however, let children see another aspect of life: They learn that adults can and do allow time for unadulterated fun. Holidaying with their family teaches children that, although work carries great importance, enjoying life holds importance equal to life's serious side.

Parents best demonstrate this by not only taking kids on family holidays but by thoroughly letting loose and enjoying the holiday.

Children require more than a family holiday to gain the skills needed to live a happy, productive life, but vacation time certainly provides a healthy portion. Embark on a journey across the world to explore various cultures, begin a quest to build the perfect fire during a camping trip or invest time playing with water balloons, a football and plants in the home garden. These types of family holidays and infinite variations of others, whether simple or elaborate, give children the play and interaction with their family that results in a lifetime of benefits.


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