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Holidaying with children can leave you wondering about numerous things such as how to entertain them, how to keep them safe and how to get to your destination with the minimum stress and fuss. Being prepared can be a lifesaver when travelling with young children so below we have documented some useful tips that may just help you have a stress free family holiday.

1. Choosing Your Holiday

Be realistic when choosing your holiday. Be sure to think about something that yourself and your children will enjoy, don't go picking trekking or hiking holidays if you are going to have small children in tow and don't go off on a skiing break if your children are too young to enjoy themselves. With many holiday companies offering children's activities you should be able to find somewhere amazing with lots of entertainment for children too.

2. What Activities Will You Include?

Think about your holiday activities carefully. No two children are the same and similarly each child will enjoy different activities, different sightseeing and different weather. Start your holiday with a few activities and then see how your children get on before committing to booking other things. You may end up saving yourself a fortune in activities that you can't make for some reason or that your children aren't even interested in. Your tour operator may be able to suggest some wonderful activities once you are at your resort.

3. Planning the Details

Plan ahead for the most relaxing time. By planning details of your holiday you will be able to relax once you have made your booking and just work through the items that you need to organise to the time scales you have already predetermined. Think about things that you will need to pack, documents you will need, vaccinations you will need and travel insurance requirements. You can then book things in advance and your list will gradually deplete before you are ready for your holiday and completely prepared.

4. Get All The Information You Need

Always ask questions. Before you commit to anything ask as many questions as you can possibly think of. Ask questions about your accommodation on factors such as children's entertainment, local amenities, safety precautions, pool and lifeguard details and ask about anything that is listed as included in your package. Check if you will need to take your own cot or sleeping equipment to your resort. Ask about any discounts for children such as children travel free as if you don't ask you don't get.

5. Keep Your Children Entertained

Pack lots of entertainment for your children. Be sure of airport restrictions before packing your child's favourite possessions as the last thing you want is to lose their items at the airport. A bag of essential items can be a Godsend when travelling with children as you can have all the items you could need to hand in just a matter of seconds. Pack some soft toys, a colouring book & crayons, a favourite bedtime story, travel board games for other children or even electronic items for the bigger kids. Also remember to pack some spare clothes for those accidents that could occur on a long journey.

6. Minimise Luggage

Think about ways to cut down on the luggage you need to take. There are numerous ways that you can save yourself luggage space. Everything from hiring cots & sleeping equipment upon arrival at your resort to travelling without a buggy or pushchair. Carrying a smaller child in a baby carrier is another great way to keep your child close to you, safe and save on luggage space. A baby carrier is also a fantastic way to carry your child around while on holiday.

7. Will You Need a Baby Sitter?

Look out for baby sitting services. If you want to spend some alone time with your partner then look in to the services that your resort has to offer. Alternatively you could consider holidaying with a wider circle of friends or family so that you can alternate turns going out without the children and all have some alone time.

8. Make Sure Your Documents Are In Order

Be sure you have the correct documents before travelling. Every person travelling abroad or by plane will need a passport. If you are unsure you can visit for further details on requirements. You will need to meet strict requirements for photographs so may be best to visit a high street shop that offers a passport photo opportunity.

9. Plan To Suit Your Children

Remember that you know your child better than anyone. Use your knowledge of your child's routine and behaviour to plan accordingly as to when they might want to eat, play and sleep on your travels. Knowing the likes and dislikes of your child will fill you with the confidence required to book a holiday that is going to be perfect for you and your family.

10. Contingency / Emergency Planning

Have a contingency plan for lost children or other emergencies that could arise. Always discuss your plans with the other adults that you are travelling with as well as making it clear to children where they should meet you if they do get separated from you.

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Family Holidays with Children

I agree. Planning family holidays requires military precision. I think it is really important to choose a resort that is right for families. When I was trying to decide where to take my family on holiday this article was helpful

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