Hidden Cornwall: 5 must see undiscovered gems

Cornwall is a natural paradise with exciting things to uncover and explore. Enjoy the laid back atmosphere that comes with staying in beautiful coastal resorts, such as St Ives. While staying in popular seaside towns and fishing villages you have easy access to a wealth of nature to explore. Here are just five must see undiscovered sites in Cornwall - there are many more to discover.

Madron Holy Well, Madron

Local legend has it that the Madron Holy Well has healing powers. The mystical springs can be found in a thick woodland setting, near an ancient chapel, where the wells originally fed water to. Many visit this site to honour the ritual and you'll find colourful ribbons hung from branches in the Cloutie Trees. Wander through the woodland discovering the different water openings and enjoy the sense of magic in the air.

St. Nectan's Glen, Tintagel

The natural phenomenon at the sacred site of St. Nectan's Glen is a true sight to behold. This natural wonder is near Tintagel and is made up of woodlands and waterfalls. The most dramatic is St. Nectan's Kieve. The waterfall stands at 60ft and cascades through a large hole in an impressive rock formation. Hidden between moss-covered rocks and a dense St Nectan Glen woodland, the stunning natural setting gives off a magical vibe. This may be because many believe that the unique waterfalls attract faerie folk. Legends have it, that this is the spot where Cornish fairies play in the Trevillet River whilst being serenaded by bird song.

Telegraph Museum, Porthcurno

Well on display but not often visited, the Telegraph Museum in Porthcurno is the perfect activity for rainy days. Ideal for the whole family, discover Cornwall's historic, hidden way of communicating. The award-winning museum has a variety of interactive exhibitions and family-friendly activities that bring this vital part of history alive. Spend some time experiencing the sights and sounds of a working telegraph station and navigate through an underground WWII tunnel.

Merlin's Cave, Tintagel Castle

Beneath Tintagel Castle, Merlin's Cave can only be visited during low tide, because of its coastal location, it fills with water and becomes inaccessible. The natural wonder is 100 metres long and passes through the entire Tintage Island; from Tintagel Haven on the east side to West Cove. Legend has it that the cave is associated with the enchanter Merlin. Go exploring for the Sleeping Merlin statue that has been carved into the Tintagel rock face in his honour.

St. Michael's Mount, Marazion

Explore the historic Island of St. Michael's Mount and step back in time. Arrive on foot or by boat, bus, bike or car. The island is 500 metres from the mainland and the castle harbour, gardens and village are waiting to be explored. With each cobbled alleyway, there's so much to uncover in this tiny community. Take a guided tour of the village, sport birds nestling in the bushes and watch the sunset over the mount. Enjoy the stillness of this historic gem.

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