10 Child-Friendly Holiday Destinations in 2015

It's that time of year when many parents book the family summer holiday - it's wet and cold outside which makes booking a holiday in the sun even more enjoyable! If you've been stuck for ideas on where to take the kids on holiday this summer then we have 10 places which could tick all the boxes for you as a family.

As is the case every year, 2015 is already showing a number of trends when it comes to popular child-friendly holiday places around the World - there are some old favourites in this list and a few surprises.

So without further adieu, here's a quick overview of ten top-pick family holiday destinations for 2015:

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1 - Florida

The sunshine state really is in every respect a living, breathing dream come true for kids. In places like Orlando, their wildest fantasies are brought to life right before their eyes each and every day, adding up to a fortnight, week or even just a long weekend they'll never forget. And it's a blast for the adults too! Disney World and Universal Studios tickets might not come cheap, but living costs in general across Florida are surprisingly low.

2 - Canary Islands

You can pretty much take your pick of any of the Canary islands and you won't go far wrong, though over recent years Gran Canaria has really come into its own for families. Compared to the likes of Lanzarote and Fuertaventura, Gran Canaria is quieter, more laid back and has a certain special tranquillity about it. What's more, it's also never been cheaper to get to.

3 - Thailand

Seriously? With kids? Absolutely - the thing to remember here is that there is much more to Thailand than the infamous streets of Bangkok. Head out to a smaller, quieter island like Koh Chang and enjoy an unspoilt paradise where deserted beaches, elephant safaris and some of the most wonderful people in the world are just waiting to look after you. Best of all, once you're there it's almost impossible to spend the money in your pocket - it really is that cheap to get by!

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4 - France

The appeal of France is obvious - you get in the car, you take a wonderfully enjoyable ferry crossing with a company like Brittany Ferries and you're there. You can take all the luggage you want, you're free to do what you want in your own time and there is really just so very much to see. Once again, Brittany is standing out as the destination of choice for 2015, with its sprawling beaches, idyllic countryside and the kind of food you simply will not taste anywhere else in the world.

5 - Boston/New York

If you've been thinking of giving the kids their first taste of the USA, consider a two-leg trip taking in Boston and New York City. Start out in Boston and soak up the history of America's oldest city, while taking the time to soak up the sun at Revere Beach and generally live in the lap of luxury. After a few days, take the quick bus ride to New York City and be sure to take a camera to capture the kids' faces when they first lay eyes on Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and pretty much the whole place.

6 - Italy

There's really nothing about Italy that isn't wholly wonderful and perfect for adults and kids alike. From the stunning beaches of Sicily to the glorious history of Rome and the blissful escapism of Naples and its surroundings, it's a case of deciding what you want to do and having Italy serve it up to you on a silver platter. The food isn't bad either - who doesn't love pizza and pasta! In addition - it's a great place for a road trip!

7 - Croatia

Off the tourist map until recently but fast becoming a global hot-spot for the world's jet-setting elite, Croatia brings together everything that's wonderful about family travel all in one sun-soaked paradise. Explore hidden villages time seems to have forgotten, find your own deserted island or just lap it up in any of the world class resorts on offer by the barrel-load!

8 - Ireland

Though not necessarily blessed with the best of weather, Ireland more than makes up for the 'occasional' rain with pure, rugged natural beauty and a local charm that's like nowhere else on Earth. For a real family treat, head to County Clare where the beaches of Lahinch and the dramatic Cliffs of Moher make for spectacular family memories to treasure for life.

9 - Spain

There really couldn't be a list like this without giving a nod to mainland Spain - the UK's most treasured family holiday destination for generations. Just like France, you can take the ferry from the UK to Spain if you want to cut the costs down of family flights and have the added benefit of your own car when you're in Spain. From the Costa Blanca to the streets of Barcelona and right down to the unique cultural experience that is Gibraltar, kids simply revel in the Spanish way of life that never fails to capture their heart, soul and mind.

10 - UK

Last but not least, the new classic that is the 'staycation' is once again tipped to be big business for families in 2015 - more specifically those not entirely perturbed by the constant threat of a shower or two. In terms of where to head, the usual haunts like the Lake District, Brighton, London, Devon and Cornwall are all topping the bill, though Scotland's cultural highlights like Edinburgh are also mounting a fight-back.


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