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It's no secret that going away during school holidays is expensive, but a home exchange with Intervac is the perfect solution to getting away from it all, at the right time for the right price. is the British arm of, the 1st ever home exchange agency. This premium home exchange website offers members a fantastic variety of worldwide accommodation; from quaint country cottages and chic city apartments to fabulous villas with pools and mountain lodges with open fires, all at a fraction of the cost of more traditional options.

Not only do people save on accommodation costs but there's no need for endless cash to cover restaurant meals, parking, laundry, tea and coffee or internet connection. Many members exchange cars and saving on car hire, some take care of each other's pets and gardens saving further costs. Many members actually become friends through their shared experiences and mutual belief in trust and respect, values at the heart of the site.

There are 4 easy steps to using Intervac:

Step 1 - Find your Dream Holiday!

Preview our listings in the part of the world you are interested in visiting. Read about Intervac members' own home exchange experiences.

Step 2 - Join

Pick a Home Exchange Membership Package and Join.

Step 3 - Home Exchange

Complete your listing with up to twenty photos with descriptions to show off your home to its best advantage. Then activate it so other Intervac members can view your property and contact you about a possible swap. Browse other Intervac members' listings and use our messaging system to contact the people with properties you're interested in. As soon as you send a message the System will put you in touch by email. See our video instructions.

Step 4 - Make Friends

Negotiate the exchange by messages, by email, by telephone or by personal contact. This way, you can grow to become friends with your home swap partner prior to the actual trade. When you have agreed the exchange use the online exchange agreement to register your exchange.

Why Exchange - The Advantages of Home Exchange

There are many reasons to enjoy home exchange holidays. These are the ones we know about but you will know of many more!


Many home exchangers tell us that this unique travel option provides them with the "best holidays" they ever had. I would say this, wouldn't I, but all the testimonials on this site are unsolicited.


To be honest, we estimate that only one exchange in 400 does not work out due to differences in expectation or last minute serious health or family problems. If this happens your Organiser at Intervac will do everything in his or her own power to find a replacement. I myself have found that many home exchangers understand this sort of predicament and do what they can to help.


Our members take care of each other's property while vacationing. As opposed to leaving your home empty, another family takes care of it. Insurance companies prefer to have your home occupied during vacations.


I borrowed this word from my Canadian colleague! Choose "Open to Any Offer" as your exchange "destination" and you could end up anywhere. I illustrate a village in rural France, a private beach on Lake Macquarie in New South Wales (which is an inland sea), the Danish lake district . . . and so it goes on. Be flexible and you can let serendipity take you to places you never dreamt of!


Last but not least home exchanging is planet friendly. It reduces pressures for carbon hungry hotels and resorts. You in in local markets and use local services. It costs less, it is more fun and it cuts down your carbon footprint!

Different cultures and lifestyles

Home exchange is the best way to experience another country and its culture. You involve yourself in the other family's lifestyle. You can meet their neighbours and friends; you discover local stores, sights and flavour. You do not get these things from a package holiday.


Many exchange families remain friends long after their exchange. As one of our members has said puts it: "....home exchange is an act of international trust and cooperation at the individual level that one has to experience to really understand. It is important for me to move the exchange beyond a "free hotel/car" arrangement by careful preparation to receive your exchange guests in your community ....including meeting friends, family or professionals with a common bond."


Elimination of hotel and car expenses makes any destination affordable. You have a real kitchen to prepare family meals so you do not have to go to restaurants for every meal. You have more spending money for special tours, dinning or entertainment. Lets face it it is the cheapest way to take your family all round the world and, for most ordinary folks, the only way.


I have been an Organiser now for three years and the most gratifying aspect of the job is that I have found that home exchangers generally really can be trusted. What is more our competitors all say the same.


When you travel as a family you will find that staying in a real home is so much more comfortable than a hotel room. If you are exchanging to participate in a family reunion, your visit should be more enjoyable for you and your relatives.


International Membership - £49.99

Full access to Intervac's member listings with contact information for one year. That means you can contact any Intervac member in the world.

Early renewal - extra three months

If you renew your membership before it expires I will give you an extra three months.

Trial offer - for new members only. 33.3% reduction.

If you take up this trial offer you pay £33.49 for an eight months trial. This is a reduction of 33.33% for the shorter period. If you renew, however, for a full year before expiry of the eight months you will get the extra three months for early renewal. Email me or enter the details below to apply for the promotion code.

Two year and three year membership.

Two year membership - £89.99

Three year membership - £129.99

Listing of another home

You can list a second home for as little as £30.

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