Bedrooms for Teenage Boys

Once a boy hits teenage years everything he ever considered cool goes out the window. This is likely to be as true for his bedroom furniture and wallpaper as anything else. Therefore once your son becomes a teenager it is time to reassess his bedroom and be prepared to for a major makeover. You may have ditched the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper years ago, but even themed bedrooms that may have been popular a few years ago, such as a football based bedroom, will now be considered the pinnacle of uncool.

Removing Clutter

Unless you are lucky enough to live in an extra large house space is always likely to be an issue when putting any child's bedroom together. Younger children are likely to have larger toys and storing these is always likely to be an issue. When a boy gets older, although these toys are likely to be discarded new different types of toys will take there place (gaming machines, televisions, hi-fis and computers). All of these take up room. Therefore making the most of the space you have is a very important consideration.

Removing clutter may appear to be a strange first step, but by getting rid of absolutely everything no longer needed you will have a much better idea of what has to go in the room. This process will also free up much needed space.

Designing the Room

Once you know what will be in the room you can move on to designing the room. It is important to include your son in the design process. At his age he is likely to have his own ideas about the style of bedroom he would like. He is likely to spend a fair amount of his time there so it is important that he has a say in how it will look. The best results will be achieved if the two of you work together. If he ends up with a bedroom he is delighted with and proud of he is far more likely to make an effort to keep it reasonably tidy.

Modern teenage bedrooms for boys tend to have an apartment style feel to them. If possible divide the room up into different areas for sleeping, study/reading and entertainment in the same way as you would an apartment.

Colours will need to be negotiated and strong opinions may be voiced. Colour is obviously all about personal choice, but it is worth remembering that lighter colours give a more airy, bigger feel to the room and can help to create that apartment feel.

Storage Options

There are two types of storage for a room. Open storage and closed storage. Open storage includes shelf space and bookcases while closed storage refers to cupboards and wardrobes. Cupboards and wardrobes may sound like a good idea and are excellent if they can be built into a wall. If you need to buy a stand alone cupboard or wardrobe they can look quite imposing and visually cut down space. Shelving helps to maintain the airy feel to a room. It is important that shelving is not overloaded as this will just look a mess. There are always certain objects they are better not on show. Perhaps you could use attractive storage boxes on lower shelves to hide these.

Shelving with roll up doors is also worth considering. This can help a room to look tidy while looking less imposing that a cupboard or wardrobe.

Where possible keep cupboards, wardrobes and shelves out of eye line as you walk into the room. Try and place them on the same wall as the door. This helps to make them less obvious to anyone walking into the room.

Many people struggle for hanging space, especially in smaller rooms. If there are clothes hanging that will not be used until a change of season then consider vacuum packing them to radically reduce the space they take up. Before you do this ask if they will still fit your growing teen later in the year. If the answer is no then it is a good time to take them down to the charity shop. Again the less stuff in the room the more likely it is to be kept in a tidy condition.

The Bed

Any bed is likely to take up more room then any other single object. For this reason raised or loft beds are very popular. This type of bed stands about five feet off the floor and gives you plenty of space underneath the bed. If this is not an option then you can also look out for bed risers. These lift the bed an extra five or six inches from the floor and create an extra storage area. You can also look out for beds with built in drawer space. If you decide to go down this route then check the quality of the drawers carefully.

Study/Games Area

A study/games area is useful. This may contain a computer or gaming machine. If a desk is included it gives somewhere quiet for homework to be completed. Look out for desks that are specifically designed for computers with spaces built in for items such as printers.

If you have gone for a raised bed then you should find room underneath for a study/games area.


Seating is another consideration. Your son is likely to have friends over and although it is not always going to be possible to sit large groups comfortably some consideration should be given to visitor seating. A futon or sofa bed are good ideas as these can double up as beds when friends stay over. If space permits a couple of bean bags are also space saving options and can be moved around the room easily to suit different seating requirements.

Window Dressing and Breadspreads / Duvets

Keep all curtains, beadspreads and duvets simple. Teenagers are likely to prefer single colours and this is something that should be discussed with them. They may also prefer modern window blinds as opposed to curtains.


The old lampshade will probably have to go. Spot lights in the ceiling or attached to the ceiling will give the room a final, modern touch.

Looking for More Ideas? Watch this Short Video

If you would like to see some simple ideas that can transform a teenager's bedroom follow this link for a short video with tips for colours, storage, themes and how to make the most of the space you have available: Decorate a Teenager's Bedroom

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Bedrooms for Teenage Boys

What do you do when a teenager decides they want two walls and the door to be black and the other two to be bright red?

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Posted: 11/Jan/11 at 18:57:18

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In my experience the only people that enter teenagers bedrooms are teenagers themselves. So I would let them do what they want, as long as they paint it!

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Posted: 11/Jan/11 at 20:50:15

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