Potty Training Tips

The amount of pressure that is put on parents to have their children out of nappies and into 'big boy pants' is phenomenal. There is no 'set age'. Every child is unique.

The Bespoke Nanny works on the ethos that you cannot 'make' children behave in a certain way. You can guide and persuade but eventually it is up to your child to make their own choices.

A child has a wonderful sense of achievement when they make their own decision, and once they have, a routine will quickly develop.

This ethos relates to your child choosing when to stop wearing a nappy and to start using the loo or potty.

Is it Really Potty Training?

I don't think the phrase 'Potty Training' is ideal. The word 'training' can instantly put pressure on a parent. It can conjure up the possibility to fail.

We do not train children to use the loo, we give them the choice.

Signs to Look Out For

There are signs to look out for in your child's behaviour which will indicate that they are nearing the stage when the discussion can be had as to whether they would like to remove their nappy.

Keep a watch for

. Freezes during play when they are filling their nappy.

. May use the word 'poo' or 'wee', telling you when they are filling their nappy.

. Will show interest when watching others using the loo.

. Will remove own nappy at bath-time and sit on the potty.

. Can pull their own trousers 'up and down'.

. Ask to have their nappy changed when it is filled due to discomfort.

. Their nappy is remaining dry for periods of 3 - 4 hours. This indicates conscious control of the bladder.

. Simply wants to 'have a go' on the loo.

When the Decision is Made

When you note that your child could take that step towards 'Big boy pants' it is a discussion you need to have together.

You can ask your child if they would like to try a day without their nappy. Explain that it will be a day at home with a bare bottom. A long t-shirt or a skirt can be worn.

You can spend time together placing potty s around the house, in places your child would like them and make sure that all the loo seats are accessible (lid's up).

Once agreed now carry on your day. It is not a good idea to keep asking your child if they need the loo. This will cause them to become anxious and they don't want to feel that they are being watched and assessed.

Accidents Will Happen

If, and when, an accident occurs, KEEP CALM and carry on. Clean it up and remain positive.

'Oh well, now you know what it feels like to have a wee without a nappy. Let's try to get to the potty/loo next time.

How a Reward Chart Can Help

Make a reward chart together, decorate it and place it on a wall in the house where your child would like it to be.... guide them towards how it would be great to have it in the bathroom so that we can look at it when we are using the potty/loo.

Remember that this is a huge step for your child. They are learning about bladder control... and this isn't always easy when you are in the middle of building a train track or engrossed in drawing a picture for Mummy!

How to Identify When You are On Your Way

Once you have managed a full 2 days without any accidents you are well on your way to having a child who can use the loo.

When you make the decision to venture out of the front door there is a check list you may like to adopt.

. Encourage your child to use the loo before you leave the house. Lead by example.

. Discreetly place a towel in the buggy or car seat for your child to it on, to save extra washing if an accident occurs.

. Take Spare clothes

.Take a portable potty and wipes

. When you are out make your child aware of where the loo is or point out a good 'Wee Tree' in the park!

. Don't be disappointed if an accident occurs. Your child is adopting a new life skill. People around you will understand. No-one was born understanding bladder control!

The ability to use the loo is a huge accomplishment for a child. Shower them with praise (don't go over the top and embarrass them) and remind them that you use to wear a nappy once!

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