The Perfect Family Car

There are a lot of decisions that go into choosing the perfect car for the whole family. Whether it's for families just starting out or families that are already established and simply need a reasonably functional mode of transport, the decision should be made when informed.

The first order of business though is for families to make sure that their driver is ready to follow traffic rules and is competent for public driving. Taking theory tests from top testing sites is a good option. Afterwards, they can start choosing their car.

Safety features

Choosing a good car for the family will vary in terms of points from resource to resource. But for the basics in evaluating a family car, there are five steps that will make the ordeal much easier. First of these involves the safety features.

When you are driving with your family, their safety is top priority. This means that the car must be easy to handle and should not be difficult to steer. Aside from that, there are the features such as airbags, rollover statistics, seatbelt quality and such to consider.

Why do you need a car?

The factor in choosing a family that will be heavily influenced by you is your own purposes for the car. What will you use it for? Where are you likely to take it? Will you simply be driving around the city or are you thinking of taking it on a road trip? The answers to these question will allow you to strip away some of the non-essential features that would then lead you to your ideal family car.

Car Size

Deciding on the size of the car you need often involves compromises. For example, do you need a smaller car for driving in towns or cities or something larger that offers extra comfort for longer journeys? Many families end up with a car that covers both requirements. Even if your main requirement is for a smaller car for local travel, another consideration may be the size of the car boot. If you plan to use the car for your main shopping trip than a decent sized boot is important.

You have almost certainly noticed the growing number of large, 4 x 4 cars on the road. It has been reported that many mums feel safer in this larger type of vehicle.

Keeping it Economical

In recent years, petrol prices have increased significantly. This means that when you are selecting a car, petrol consumption statistics are certainly worth taking into account.

Price Negotiation

Car salesmen are masters at the art of price negotiation. They certainly get plenty of practice. They are likely to tell you there are no discounts on offer. Even so, there is usually a price cut in there somewhere.

Before buying, look at websites such as You can use the site to get a free valuation on the car you are buying. Remember this type of website gives you a good starting point to understand the market value of your car, but it cannot take into account the actual condition of the car.

It is also important to find out if you are better off selling a car you already own in a separate transaction rather than in part exchange. Often you will get a better deal when you are not part exchanging.

Car Finance

If you are buying a car on finance, the dealer will almost certainly have an agreement with a finance company. Shop around before agreeing to finance. You may even find that your bank can give you a better deal than anyone else can.

It is also wise to ensure there are no current finance agreements on the car itself. Although this is highly unlikely when buying from reputable dealers, it is worth ensuring nobody has a prior claim on the car.

Warranties and Insurances

Car dealers will offer different warranties and insurances. I have personal experience of being pressured into an agreement that covered the cost of all servicing when buying a new car. What I did not realise was that the agreement included penalty payments that I had to make if I clocked up extra miles over and above a disappointingly low threshold. So be careful what you sign up for.

Going Green

There are now greener options available for car buyers. As well as electric cars, factors such as petrol consumption play a part too.

Test drive as much as possible

If you are allowed to test drive the car, and in most instances this is the case, make the most of it. Find out how the car feels, how it responds and how suitable the space is to your needs. Do the interior features match what your family will require?

The longer you sit behind the wheel, the more you'll understand what the car can offer. In the end, you will be able to make an informed decision that you are less likely to regret.

Service History and Vehicle Checks

When buying a used car make sure you take a good look at the service history of the car you buy. We are not all budding car mechanics, so if you have no knowledge of car buying and are not sure what you are looking at; consider paying for a company such as the AA to perform a vehicle inspection for you. This can give you peace of mind, especially when buying a car that is going to be used for driving your children around.

Pros and Cons

No car will be perfect and each model will have things to adore and aspects to loathe. The important thing is that you understand what these factors are so that you can weigh the good and the bad. How is the power as compared to the handling? How is the temperature control feature as opposed to the driving amenities? Keep questions like these in mind.

What can you afford?

Finally, there is the matter of the costs and how much you are willing to pay for. There is a piece by The Telegraph featuring family cars that they consider to be the most reliable. Readers who will view these cars may then search the net for car dealers who sell such models where they can put the steps discussed here into practice.

In any case, the important thing to remember is to find the car most suitable for your family. These steps can guide you, but you'll be the one to make the decisions in the end.

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