Parenting Children Between 5 and 10 Years


Bed-wetting is extremely common. In this article we discuss possible causes and how to deal with the issue.

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Bullying at school is a very common problem. Bullying does not just take the form of physical violence. Emotional bullying takes place in the form of name-calling, teasing and ignoring. Both forms of bullying can be equally terrifying for the victim often leading to depression, low self-esteem and p

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Diet / Eating Problems

Any type of change can be difficult. Changing the foods our family eats and adopting a more healthy diet can pose a real challenge. This article gives some tips on how to gradually change the foods you eat and move to a more healthy lifestyle.

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Making Friends

Need some help with your children's friendships? Here are some thoughts and ideas on children's friendship issues from the viewpoint of children, parents, carers and teachers.

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Refusing to do Homework

Sand timers are used by many teachers to help children to concentrate in class. This article explains how an inexpensive sand timer could help you with any homework problems you might have.

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry can be destructive to your family. This article discusses how parents can help to encourage better sibling relationships.

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Son Doesn't Read

Watch this short video with top tips for getting your child ready to read. It covers a number of key points and will help to set any child on the road to being a happy reader.

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Special Needs

If your child has specific difficulties at school or is struggling in all areas of school life then they may have special educations needs. If this is the case then extra help and support is available to them to help them fulfill their potential at school. This article gives some useful tips on how

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Starting School Problems

Some children take to school like a duck to water. Others find the going a bit tougher. If you notice a change in your child that concerns you soon after they have started school or notice a specific problem then take a look at this article for ideas and suggestions.

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Tips on Talking About Sex With Your Kids

Do you find it difficult talking to your children about sex and conception? Here are some tips to help you out.

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