Every Parent Deserves a Little Peace - How to Stop Unwanted Noise

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The day you become a parent you enter a whole new world. You feel, in many ways, like a completely different person. You experience emotions you've never known before, you enter completely unchartered territory, priorities change and lifestyles change. Life as a parent is full of happiness and highs, but it comes with its fair share of worries and angst, problems and issues.

One such parental problem is perhaps not so obvious to many people. This problem can rear it's ugly head right from the moment your child is born, continue into the toddler years and then often reappear with vengeance in the teens. This problem can cause family rows, marital disputes , fallouts with neighbours, frustration, annoyance and anger. It can exist out in the streets or within your own home. It can be subtle and insidious.

This problem is NOISE, otherwise known as "unwanted sound".

At soundstop.co.uk , we talk to parents on a regular basis, hear their stories and help to address their problems. Some simple soundproofing within your home can really make a difference to family life. We know this because we receive such positive feedback from our clients once their noise problems have been resolved. Let's face it, every parent deserves a little peace in their own home. Every baby deserves a quiet room in which to sleep. Every teenager should be able to study without disruption or practise a musical instrument without being told to be quiet.

1 So let's begin with the new born baby.

We are often asked how to soundproof a nursery so that either the baby isn't disturbed by noise within the home (older siblings, T.V. noise, neighbour noise ) or, conversely, so that other people ( siblings or neighbours) aren't disturbed by the baby's crying, particularly at night.

SOLUTION : The solution is to soundproof the walls of the nursery. When it comes to soundproofing walls, the choices fall into two broad categories-solutions that are stick on and therefore slim line solutions, and those that involve creating a stud structure. In performance terms the latter provide greater protection in general but at the loss of more room space.

However in this instance we would recommend our SM20 rubber panels which simply stick on to the existing walls, then are overlaid with acoustic plasterboard. The job is easily DIYable, disruption is kept to a minimum and you only lose around 50mm. This solution is particularly good for high frequency sounds- and baby's crying, as we all know, is high pitch, so it fits the bill.

For more detail, see https://www.soundstop.co.uk/soundproofing_walls.php

2 The wonderful, but exhausting toddler years

Moving forward a few years, parents come to us to seek advice on how to minimise playroom noise. -again to appease adjoining neighbours or so that the rest of the family can work, study or simply read a book or watch tv without background "toddler noises"!

The solution for walls above can be used effectively to minimize airborne noise ( talking, shouting, laughter) coming through the walls.

However a more common problem with toddlers is impact noise. Toddlers like to jump, stamp, run around, skip and generally having a good time- so anyone below them may suffer from unwanted impact noise.

SOLUTION-The introduction of a springy layer to the floor is key to reducing your impact sound. One of our best selling products is Absorbalay 15, a premium rubber mat with a dense foam core. It is a highly effective impact sound reducer that can be overlaid with hard floors or carpets. Furthermore it's high mass combats airborne sound transfer as well. So you get a lot for your money.

For more detail, see https://www.soundstop.co.uk/soundproofing_floors.php

If the problem is impact sound from a separate dwelling above (neighbours and their families), then, unless you can persuade them to soundproof their floors, you may have to look at ceiling options. Ceiling soundproofing is often the only route forward for people living below noisy neighbours.

SOLUTION- There are various options to chose from and soundproofing solutions vary in terms of performance, particularly with reference to the impact sound (footfall) which you are receiving from above. Our top rated suspended ceiling system is the Genie Clip system -a suspended ceiling solution. It offers the maximum performance improvement of all our suspended ceiling options. Customers can choose to retain their existing ceilings or remove them. This award winning Canadian technology is fast winning over converts in the UK.

For more detail, see https://www.soundstop.co.uk/soundproofing_ceilings.php

3 And then, overnight they become teenagers

Moving on to the teenage years, we are often contacted by parents who want to soundproof either a teenage bedroom or an outhouse or garage, in an effort to create a contained teenage space where ( avoiding stereotypes) the son can belt out karaoke or the daughter can bash on the drums, or either can listen to psychadelic grunge! Many parents are forward thinking, calmly addressing the issue before it becomes a problem. Often, however, mum or dad can be at their wit's end.

SOLUTION- If it's a teenage bedroom, then the solutions for airborne sound through walls and airborne and impact sound transmitted through floors and ceilings, are as above.

For a garage or outhouse,however, the solution is to create a "room within a room". It can be difficult finding good advice for soundproofing a room for music practise or just hanging out, particularly if a DIY soundproofing project is what you're looking for.

With this in mind, we have applied a decade of experience in soundproofing rooms for music and privacy, to put together a Garage Soundproofing Guide, to help you create a cost effective soundproofed outbuilding.

Everyone wants the best “bang for their buck�; the most cost effective solution that offers as much acoustic performance as possible. For soundproofing a garage/outhouse, this generally means building a new room within the original structure, with new stud partition walls and ceiling, which then have soundproofing materials added to them.

The easiest and most common way to create a simple, cost effective stud wall or ceiling is the timber stud partition system. Ideally constructed from 100x50mm timber, following industry standard practices, it is within the means of most competent DIY enthusiasts. After that it's just a case of tackling the walls, ceiling and floor. We recommend Genie Clip system walls and ceilings, then floor soundproofing.

For more detail, see https://www.soundstop.co.uk/Studio-soundproofing

4 Happy ever after

Let's never forget that noise is serious issue, and can have a detrimental effect on sleep patterns, general health, concentration, communication and mental wellbeing.

First time mothers can be emotional and exhausted, trying to deal with unsympathetic, angry neighbours who object to a baby's crying; parents of teenagers can be frustrated and weary following a series of confrontations, parents working from home can become frustrated and anxious as concentration levels drop and deadlines are missed.

Noise within the home is a hidden cause of much upset, frustration and stress.

Soundproofing can be a very easy and effective solution. At soundstop.co.uk we can offer advice and talk you through different options. Our sales team are both sympathetic (most of them are parents themselves) and knowledgeable. They can provide advice and talk you through what can be a confusing choice of options and products, until you find the correct solution for you. Often the work can be DIYable. We know cost is always a factor, but in today's world where many will pay for a kitchen upgrade, a new lounge suite or a large screen tv, our customer feedback shows that clients think their money has been well and wisely spent.

So let us just give you an insight into some of the solutions we can offer.

Have a look at our website for further details https://www.soundstop.co.uk

And remember that a peaceful home is a happy home.

Gawaine Lewis

Chief Executive, https://www.soundstop.co.uk

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