Top 10 Tips for Keeping Happy

Just about every full time mum knows what it's like to feel low from time to time. Although raising children is ultimately very rewarding the day to day grind can get anyone down. Here are ten simple tips to keep down days at bay.

1. Get out the house

One of the biggest causes of depression or just feeling low among stay at home mums is the time they spend in the house. O.K. on a cold winter's day the outside world may not feel that enticing. You have to put extra clothes on the children and wrap up warm yourself, but just getting out the house and getting a change of scene can be a big help.

2. Meet up with friends

The good old coffee morning can be a great way to relax a little. If you can afford to go out to lunch that's even better. Perhaps you could do this while your child is at nursery or a relative is looking after them. When the weather is good arrange to meet friends at the local park.

3. Make time to walk

If you are faced with early morning or school run traffic then make time to walk. This is far less stressful than getting caught up in a traffic jam. Finding a local pre school or primary school can be a really big help.

4. Be on time

There is nothing like being late to push up your stress levels. If you are always late and always rushing then it's time to sit down and work out why. It is very easy to underestimate how long it can take to get children ready to go somewhere. Perhaps just by giving yourself a little extra time could make a very big difference to your life.

5. Cut back on clubs

These days it almost seems as if we are in a competition to see how many clubs we can enrol our children in. This often means a lot more driving and disruption for parents. Think hard. Does the benefit of yet another club or activity really warrant you dashing around even more?

6. Time to exercise

So you are tired and now I'm going to suggest getting some exercise! Getting fitter makes it easier to cope with the demands of every day life. The exercise itself can also make you feel more cheerful. Don't fool yourself though. For any exercise to have a really positive effect you do need to push yourself. See if you can find a friend to start exercising with. If not then joining an exercise club is a great way to make new friends.

7. Get organised

The more you can organise your day and week the easier life can become. A simple routine can help you to identify pressure points in your life.

8. Cut back on work

If you feel time you have always got too much on your plate then it is time take a look at what you do and ask if you can cut back on anything. Do you really need to dust as often as you do or vacuum on such a regular basis? Trying to be perfect is very hard work.

9. Learn to relax

Make time for yourself. Buy a book on relaxation techniques. Take some time out to practice them and see the difference they can make. Just 10 minutes per day can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

10. Make time for you and your partner

Having children puts a massive strain on your relationship with your partner. Accept this and look for ways in which you can keep your relationship strong and healthy. Make time to be with each other and try to get out without the children as often as you can.

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