Finding the Right Nanny for Your Family

So many people express to me the headache of finding the right staff to care for their children. I have even known parents to leave their careers rather than suffer the challenge of finding a nanny.

Avoid Rash Decisions

The stress of it can cause parents to make quick, rash decisions due to the fact that they need to find a nanny in order to go to work so they are under the pressure of time to find one.

One parent said to me once 'it was a case of making a quick choice and then crossing our fingers.'

It goes without saying that your children are your pride and joy. Your 'crown jewels'. Your largest asset. So leaving them with someone you hardly know is a huge leap of faith. But you can interview well in order to reduce your anxiety.

Have Some Interview Ground Rules

I think that there are some ground rules you can follow to help you when interviewing your future nanny. You may have interviewed many people in your work place but nothing prepares you for the emotional roller-coaster you are on when looking to employ a nanny.

The first interview you have with your future nanny should not involve the children. It should take an hour to 90 minutes of your time.

First Impressions Count

On welcoming them into your home note how happy they are. Is their face open, alive and smiling? The energy they have with you, will be the way they are with your children.

Their character is going to help mould that of your children.

Ask About Their Own Family

Ask them about their family, their parents. Try and find out a little about their upbringing. This is a topic that needs to be approached in a very delicate and sensitive fashion.

Why Do They Work as a Nanny

After they have spoken about their family life this could lead into asking how they came into the world of nannying. The passion in which they answer this question will give you a good gauge into the desire they have to care for children.

What Ages Do They Work Best With?

Do they have a preference to the ages of children they would like to care for?

How Long Do They Stay With a Family?

Note from her CV the length of time they have stayed with one family. Have they moved around a lot? This would lead to having a lot of experience with families but how long does it mean that they would like to work for you? This is a question that definitely needs an answer.

Do They Have Goals and Plans

It is good to ask them what their goals are. Do they have a 5 year plan? Is there anyway in which you could help them achieve this? E.g. Your children could be at nursery in the morning which means that your nanny could study, once their household chores were complete, during those times.

Find Out About Their Lives Away From Work

It is important to remember that your nanny does have a life of their own and it would be a good idea to show an interest in their hobbies. Also ask where they live and the commute they will have to do twice daily.

Will a Live In Nanny Fit In

If you are looking for a live-in nanny you need to ask about social life and how they fill their evenings and her weekends. Are they a member of a club which may cause them to ask to finish earlier one night of the week?

I often say to parents when they are interviewing for a nanny they need to think, after a long day at work would they be welcomed home by this person?

Check Their Expectation Carefully

Ask her what their expectation is of the role as your nanny.

. Will they do all of the family laundry?

. Will they organise activities for the children both at home and 'out and about'?

. Will they travel on holidays with you?

. Will they cook healthy fresh meals for the children? (ask separately about the cooking skills)

Question Carefully

There will be many questions you could think of. Just remember not to bombard them.

Be Clear on the Working Hours

It is important to remember that this person is coming to you for a job. They have their own life and would like to finish on time at the end of each day.

State clearly the time you will return from work each night. Make sure you keep to your time because the nanny will make the children aware of how long it is before you are home. Do not disappoint them all by being late.

Spend Time With Then Before You Decide

It is fact to say that you only truly know someone when you live with them. I, therefore recommend that you arrange a 2nd interview with someone you can see as working with your family.

I would have them spend a solid day with you over a weekend and offer to pay them a fee for their time.

This time spent together will help to ensure that you feel confident with your decision. You will observe organisation skills and interaction with the children. You will decide upon character and as to whether they will suit your family dynamics.

They Will Alos Be Assessing You

Please remember that they will also be observing you and assessing whether they would like to care for your children. It is, therefore, important to be as honest and open as possible.

If you let them see 'the true you' they will relax and you will see their true colours.

It's Not Just About Qualifications

The key to finding the right person to care for your children is about their personality as well as their ability.

You want someone who you are happy to have in your house with you children,because of the person they are, not just qualification.

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