Bringing Grandchildren & Grandparents Closer This Grandparents Day

The bond and love shared between a grandchild and their grandparents can be like no other, but sadly because of the age gap, it's not always a relationship that can last forever. For that reason alone, why not look at ways to bring your parents and your children closer together? Although it hasn't got the public reputation of Mothers and Fathers Day, Grandparents Day can be the perfect time to build their relationship. There are many ways of doing this, no matter what your family enjoys.

Why not implement a specific day - or even a few hours - per week where your children go to visit their grandchildren without you? Loads of families currently have a similar arrangement, and they've been surprised with the many benefits. First of all, many Grandparents are happy to help babysit, and children are usually more accepting of visiting them than another minder. Not only that, but they can grow closer to family, rather than spending time with a complete stranger, or somebody that's purely looking at the financial gains from looking after the children.

Over time, children and their Grandparents can develop a great bond - it's sometimes so great that the parent gets a bit jealous! However, there's something very special about this relationship between generations and it's a wonderful sight. Grandparents can benefit from the youth and exuberance of today's children, and of course, age brings experience and a wise demeanour that children can take advantage of in turn, too. The stories and information the pair are likely to share between one another can only benefit them both.

Of course, the more you think about it, the more you want to reward Grandparents for the role they play in your child's life, and indeed your own. If one of the Grandparents is no longer with us, that's even more reason to celebrate the presence of those who are, and cherish every memory. You can surprise them this year, and showcase the many ways you appreciate them. Children, young ones especially, tend to get excited by the idea of a surprise, or doing something fun and productive for one another. It's a good mentality to instil into their mind set whilst they're young.

There are many ways in which the two groups can share their experiences. They may actually discover that they have more in common than they'd bargained for. For example, the Grandparents and children could have a game day, where they play board games, video games, and question games, and so on. The idea of a game appeals to both the young and the old, even if the gaming world has changed a lot in recent years. There's still a lot of fun to be had here, and gaming brings friends and family closer together. Whether it's a simple game of chess, or a game of hide and seek, the possibilities are endless, and there are thousands of games for the both of them to explore with one another.

Perhaps the children could help their Grandparents with the gardening. Gardening can be a lot of fun, and extremely relaxing, and let's face it, it quite simply has to be done, right? So, why not have your children help them out? Not only will they feel productive, but they'll bond, feeling like they've achieved something together. Once the garden is tidied the opportunities are endless, not only could they build a den, or plant fruit seeds, you could literally do anything, but to be prepared it's best to check out Be Garden Happy for some great ways to actually make the efforts actually look good! If you want to get the kids into a full blown landscaping business (and no, we're not ACTUALLY advocating child labour) you could even help them help their Grandparents' garden look better in even more ways. Nothing like some pretty stones to make the garden look… pretty. Try Decorative Aggregate for the perfect match!

Another great idea is cooking. Lets be honest here, Grandparents often have the best home-made recipes, and children love the idea of getting involved in the kitchen, especially if it involves a tasty treat being the end result. What's not to love? They gain valuable life-skills, all while learning a tasty, traditional recipe. If you're lucky, they might even save you some of what they make. Cooking (and baking) has brought many families together, and you can add your family to that ever-growing list.

Once things have started and they're getting closer, you'll inevitably feel proud, and you might consider rewarding both the children and your parents! Don't worry, we've got the perfect suggestions for both. Why not take the children for a meal at McDonald's, or a day at Thorpe Park? Or even treat them to something as simple as an ice cream? When it comes to thanking your beloved parents, you can go all out get them some flowers, such as the beautiful bouquets from Floric. There's a million reasons for them to smile, and you can make it happen.

So, why not bring your children and your parents closer this Grandparents Day? Put a plan in to action and reap the rewards of watching everybody smile. With all of the memories likely to be coming their way, you can even capture them forever by giving each a photo/scrap book. You can cherish this, and the moments you'll inevitably share. Time passes by, yes, but family bonds should never fade. Make the most of it while you can.

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