Giant Reward Charts

Giant Reward Chart

Do you find yourself getting worn down by every day battles over things that you think shouldn't be quite so hard?

Making Your LIfe Easier

Would your life as a parent be that bit easier if your children did a just a bit more of what you wanted them to do?

Imagine Children Doing What Your Ask Them To

Imagine if you had to ask them to do the little things only once and then found they went off and did them. What difference would that make to your life?

Reduce Your Battles

If some of these battles include getting your children out of bed in the morning and dressed ready for school, or eating vegetables or doing their homework then you are not alone.

Although these are all relatively small things, they can rob you of some of the joys of parenthood. The problem is that many of these "little things" happen every day and eventually add up into "big things".

When Nagging Doesn't Work

Nagging doesn't work. Shouting doesn't work. A lot of the time the only person who ends up feeling affected by nagging and shouting is you.

Would your life be easier if you could find a way to get your children to want to do the things you want them to do?

Motivating Your Children To Help You

But how do you motivate them to tidy their toys away, to say please and thank you, to go to bed when asked and all the other small things that end up getting you down?

The people at the Naughty Seat have come up with a simple, yet successful way to motivate children to get on and do some of the more straightforward tasks that often cause friction at home.

Speedy Changes to Behaviour

Many parents have seen a significant and indeed speedy change in their children's behaviour when they have introduced Giant Reward Behaviour Charts. The idea behind the charts is that children are awarded points for good behaviour. As the points mount up they can be traded in for treats.

Big, Bright and Colourful

The charts are big, bright and colourful. Children love the charts and can't wait to build up enough points to earn their rewards.

A reward chart provides a really positive way (using encouragement and praise) for the whole family to try and tackle behavioural problems. Saying well done to your child is the very best way to promote good behaviour. Keeping a reward chart makes sure you both stop and recognize when they do things right, and gives them something to aim for so they keep it up.

Your motivation will be the key to making the Reward Chart a success, so make sure all the family gets involved, your praise is real, and you are prompted to acknowledge their achievements when they finally get there. Make it fun!

What the Chart Covers

The charts cover key issues such as:

. Getting up and dressed

. Washing and cleaning teeth

. Eating breakfast

. Getting ready for school

. Eating fruit and vegetables

. Keeping bedrooms tidy

. Being helpful at home.

You can also create two reward categories of your own to target specific issues you may be having.

Reward categories include

. Pocket money

. Going to a favourite place

. Doing favourite thing

. Chill out time

. Watching television

The Naughty Seat is family-run business and has been operating for a number of years. They specialise in offering a range of positive parenting and school educational products, including:

. Reward Charts

. Time Out Aids

. Star Charts

. Behaviour Charts

. Reward Stickers

. Certificates

. Reward Badges

. Praise Stampers

...and a whole lot more! In fact, The Naughty Seat has hundreds of products aimed at helping you praise and reward your children and school pupils. As you browse their online shop you'll see feedback and testimonials left by lots and lots of happy parents, school teachers, and carers who have shopped with them in the past and continue to do so!

The Naughty Seat also offer a range of completely FREE Reward Charts which you can download from the site and print off to get you used to the reward system!

To find out more about Giant Reward Behaviour Charts please visit:

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